Meathead Defends Barry/Namajunas Relationship - Strickland

Mitrione was always a garbage fighter, pathetically sloppy striking, entry level grappling etc he was just a big athletic guy that took advantage of a shallow talent pool
The fact that this dork is siding with a piece of shit like Pat Barry says all you need to know about the pair of the low life shitfags

It’s a good start…

Rashad didn’t call him “Meathead” for nothing! LOL

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And how many professional fights do you have at a high level?

Im betting the number is zero.

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Sounds like Khabib

Yeah and this coming from A guy who wants to kill another man in the ring, fucking get at it boy!

Fuckity fuck man, you and your love for Shad is boarding on really odd brother lol. You find a way to insert him in every thread. That damn after-party really must of been off the chain.

As a man, you set defined boundaries and remove yourself from the situation, imo. Especially if it’s a subordinate.

You didn’t just decide sex was an option the second she turned 18. You had already decided sex was an option well before then, imo.

I’m not really knocking Pat or Rose. It’s their life to live, who am I to say any different. But to act like nothing “weird” went on is a bit naive, imo. But then how you define “weird” is relative.

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I definitely think its a bit weird and i myself would never date a woman that young, but a lot of ppl here are getting all up in their own feelings for some reason and taking liberties in the narrative.

Just seems like someone close to the situation would have said something by now if there was foul play involved.

But we dont know for sure. We know she has had past abuse and that bringing all this up is hurting her; shes the victim here one way or another so ppl need to chill and be respectful.

And Pat and Rose genuinely seem to love each other and lean on each other. I do think its a bit strange, but if its real and legal who am i to question something im not involved in directly?

Just something to think about.

Also thank you for having your opinion in an adult way; a lot of ppl on that side of the argument have behaved rather poorly, which turns everything into a giant immature pissing match.

So props to you brother, that is how its done.

At this point, it is what it is.

Her short hair, teen boy look, is the only thing I find odd. Cut hair short for a few fights to make your point, I get it. Longer than that I find strange.