Mechanics of kimura frm sidemount?

Mr. harris would you mind sharing the mechanics of the kimura from sidemount? I read from the threads here that this is one of your favorite technique


The mechanics of the kimura are the same, regardless of where
the lock is applied from.

Additionally, this one submission can be taken from every
position. Yes, I wrote every position! It can be applied from your
guard and from inside someone else's guard. It can be applied
from the top of the side mount position, as well as the bottom of
the same position. It can even be applied from the top and bottom
of the mount.

Good training to you,

Roy Harris

thanx for the reply roy! I realize tho that the question I had in mind was different from the question I posted. I'd like to know how you like to setup the kimura from sidemount. How do you establish the kimura grip on his arm? Do you smash his head by dropping ur hip on his head and isolating his arm getting the kimura grip? The setup in securing the arm is the part i have most difficulty with in this particular move.