Medeski, Martin and Wood....

anyone into MMW?

I really dig their shit.. really funky.. but they get on some abstract jazz shit too...

and Billy Martin is an awesome drummer...

I haven't heard much, but what I have heard i thought was really good.

"philly cheese blunt"

"Bubble House"

"friday afternoon in the universe"



excellent chill out music

I think 'Combustication' is the only of their albums that really approaches how good they are live. At least, on a good night... and even that just approaches.

I've heard some really, really great shows from those guys. Nice guys, too.

I love'em. Unfortunately I managed to completely miss them went they cam to town.

I think i have just about all of their albums. The recent ones are more tripped out. The older ones are more clasic jazz and the ones in the middle are a lot of fun. My favorite album is It's a Jungle in Here. MotiMo is a great song. Combustication rules too.

You should also check out John Scofield. Great guitarist. I think he has an entire album where he plays w/MMW. I forget the name though. It says it on the back.

IMO,the one with Chompin' Sco is the best-he gnashes his teeth alot while playing.

LOL Majic. The Scofield record with MMW is "A Go Go". A lot of people crazy about it, but to me it's neither my favorite Scofield or MMW (there are some live performances floating around in bootleg form that are pretty great).