Media Activists Do Not Care About Historic Nationwide Surge In Homicides

My libertarian side loves it when the state starts eating itself from the inside out, but until people are given full rights to protect themselves privately, I think this sort of idiocy may have terrible repercussions.

I also think there has to be a balance. In a power vacuum, the person with the biggest stick rules the roost. So all this talk of de-funding and demilitarization creates a power vacuum. Maybe if you’re young and strong and capable you can survive in that environment, but what about the local business owner, the single mom or the old couple on the corner who live on social security? Those are the vulnerable ones. In parts of South America, every time a Cartel member is arrested, the response is to brutally torture )almost beyond imagination) and kill 2 Federal Officers at their homes in front (and often with) their families. What prevents that from happening in the US? It’s not luck, it’s lack of opportunity.

I live here… I saw this. I don’t even have words anymore.


Why would anyone who has the ability to work in a place like the Seattle Police Department stay there? I’d rather sell my house for a loss and move to Montana for half the pay. Especially if I had kids in that school system. Fuck that place. Give them what they want. They are capricious fools.

I don’t blame them either. I really regret not moving to at least Bellevue or somewhere on the eastside last year when I moved houses. My wife at the time didn’t want to now shes’ been redpilled by Seattle.

I kind of hope SPD just up and quits one day and we get what we deserve. Fuck it I’ll carry my AK everywhere.

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BLAD was in a thread showing numerous videos and gif’s of Joe BIden acting inappropriate around children and he said it was clickbait.

he just likes to argue…I refuse to believe the guy that used to be a great poster has turned into this condescending know it all piece of shit

In fairness he’s been entirely consistent on this point (sensationalizing things like crime stats) the entire time I’ve been on here.

This is getting pretty bizarre.

Last I heard Seattle plans in bringing in park rangers to replace the duty of cops… ? This can’t be reality

Horrible what is happening to all big west coast cities…I visited Seattle in the 90s and its a beautiful city