Media already building up Colby v. Conor; imagine that fight

Conor still has not jumped into the USADA pool

It isn’t but rumors it might be international fight week in July along with Stipe vs Jones

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colby fans on here

Does anyone believe this could top Conor Khabib?

I wonder what the venue and Comain event would have to be for it to sell over 2 million, let alone surpasses 205

Neither Hardcore, lunatics or casual fans care anymore about watching Connor get beat up again. I think against Chandler based in Connor’s results against short bulky fighter will do better PPV numbers

Speak for yourself 22’er. I would 110% love to see Colby own him at the press conferences and then beat him up for 25 minutes

UFC is praying both win their next fights.

Conor would sell just as many tickets fighting Jorge who won’t take him down and also has suspect cardio at times. No title but Conor will never hold that belt anyway

C’mon Nicky, you can watch that shit every week on wrestling shows with your kids while drinking sundae’s.

And BTW is time to change your username, you being the last Nicholas nuthugger left doesn’t qualify as a army

You shut your whore mouth. I flew to Vegas to watch Nate’s retirement fight and that was before it got switched to Tony and I thought Khamzat was gonna murk him

My what?

Conor vs Colby sells 100x more than Belal vs anyone.

No one outside of this forum knows who Belal is.


The build up to Conor/Colby would be two dudes with manufactured lines yelling at each other.

A lot of casuals would eat it up, but it’s not gonna come close to Conor/Khabib numbers.

Colby would make videos of himself pouring out proper twelve and thinking bang energy instead

It would be glorious

Or really stupid.

I was way ahead of the curve on this one

w/o reading a single comment in this thread I’m gonna go ahead and say colby would fucking kill mcgregor in every single type of fight except maybe a boxing bout…

connor might have the better boxing but that’s about it…

now let’s see what the retards have to say

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Colby would dominate Conor. Conor’s cardio was shit before. What’s it going to be now

Do people think Colby vs McGregor would sell because they are both obnoxious shit talkers?

Colby would melt Conor

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