Medical Fatphobia!

Cancer can’t take me quick enough!

Mental illness is so prevalent and on full display these days.


Covid is Fatist and Ageist because it’s mainly killing old fatties!

I have to anesthetize these fatties all the time. Looking at someone in the eyes and saying “you’re at a higher risk of death or severe complications because of your obesity” is not comfortable but it’s needed. Most get it. Others look at you with a dumbfounded look.


So young and so fat, truly sad.

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Obese people are disgusting. Not talking about someone with a little extra weight. Its not hard to lose weight. I hate hearing their dumbass excuses of why they can’t lose it. It’s all bullshit. You can’t lose weight because your a disgusting weak minded piece of shit with no self control. This is coming from someone who lost 90lbs at one point when I was young.


I love this guy!


Not exactly the same but I get to tell dog/cat owners that their dogs are fat and are experiencing whatever health problems or issues walking they have because of it. I had a lady recently bring the fattest bulldog in I’ve ever seen. I asked her what she fed him and she says “well he doesn’t like to eat dog food and only eats human good.” I’m like “ok, well people often home-cook chicken, rice, veggies or whatever for their dogs…what do you feed him?” She says “two microwaved large cheese quesadillas with flower tortillas. One for breakfast and one for dinner. And he eats great!.”

This was a 95 lb English bulldog in the body frame of a 45 pounder. Shockingly, the lady and her daughter were skinny.

She said no other vet had told her that her now 3 year old dog was “a little” overweight. Bitch, the dog is 95 lbs and gets exhausted walking 10 feet.


People are retarded. Had a few people tell me my dog is too skinny. I know that she is ideal body weight. Vet says she’s ideal body weight. She’s an active, healthy dog. People are so used to obesity they can’t even recognize an obese vs healthy dog anymore.


I love that he constantly says super morbidly obese. Lol.

Bitch, you fat. Your neck/chin is all floppy and shit.