Medical Folks:Stepped on a nail. Td booster early?

To the medical folks on the UG,

So, I stepped on a siding nail hidden in a piece of old siding. I didn't see it hiding in tall grass and it probably went in half an inch or so. I've had a Td shot in 2006, a Tdap booster in 2011 and I'm due for another Tdap booster in January of 2021. Should I go ahead and get it now or am I fine since I'm current? I also cleaned the wound with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide soon after it happened. Thanks.

You need to go ahead and get one.

TXEMC1 - You need to go ahead and get one.

Yeah, my wife agrees. I'm gonna get one in the morning.

I recently step on a rusty roofing nail. Hadn't had a td shot in almost 20 years. Went to a quick clinic, the Dr pretty much told me not to get one. Said tetanus from rust is bullshit myth. 

I got one anyway.

get another one

recomendation is every 10 yrs unless you get a deep laceration and its been more than 5 yrs since your shot.


you're due because you stepped on a nail

Stepped on more nails than I can count.

Also barbed wire pokes are frequent.

Had a tetanus shot about 25 years ago.