Medical marihuana in Canada?

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tell them sleep and also back pain.   back pain is hard to quantify so they will often just write the script.  Shit it should be legal in a few months anyway...

Trudeau will find a way to push it till 2020. In the mean time I will try this Avenue. I hear the place in barrie has alot of options. It would be nice to physically see what I'm buying then not worry about getting pinched carrying it home 

wouldnt surprise me one bit if trudeau pushed it or never even got it. is another option.  No card needed 

Would be political suicide for him to delay this past the next election... 

Where in canada do you live?

I forgot to mention if you go through the doctor's provided by the Licensed Producers you will not be denied a license. 

Went a dispensary recently and they provided me with forms a doc can fill out, I live in sask and the docs and ppl around here are pretty chill about weed. 


Getting stuff for my back problems

Low tide from Green relief is unreal. My buddy got a prescription from his doctor for sleep. Cleanest best weed I've even had.