Medical recreational or black market weed

I just got into smoking concentrates recently myself. I was all bud before that as well. They are good when done right. It’s feels nice and smooth and is a good high. Not nearly as harsh.

I have to wait, from the vid above it can take 2 to 14 days for it to separate, if I did it right. I checked this morning and didn’t see separation. Will check again tomorrow. The rosin came out like a very dry brownie mix. I might hit it with some sour diesel terps and see what happens. At the least I can fill some carts with it.


Finally got the ccel carts in today, glass with twist on tip vs pressing

lets see if these things leak, I pressed some top quality kief and cut it with doe see doe terpenes to thin it out

still working on the lube


Those carts look really good. Nice job


Thanks! The fruit punch has been a huge hit, My wife keeps asking when we are going to start making money, I keep telling her soon. This is my tuition cost right now, I have no issue donating the products to people. Once the store front is open, it’s game on. I’m gonna crush everyone. Walmart model of business activated!


Absolutely brother! That’s the best way to go about it.

I’ve got a competitor moving in next door with a lot of investment money so we’re having to ramp up our game.


Good luck boys ! You got this !


That sucks, you lost the one competitor and a new one moves in. They have any experience or just throwing money into a store front?

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Yeah I know. One closes up and another one opens up even closer. The other one is in the process of turning back into a restaurant. Lol

This is different though. This will be a 2nd store for my new competitor. I’ll feel it a little when they first open but I’m confident in our products and customer service.

If you ever start seeing dispensaries popping up left and right in your state make sure to area protect yourself with your vendors.


It’s nice to see how serious you take this stuff.

I’ve learned a lot but would still be nervous about trying some of this stuff.

Had another seizure last night and can get a medical card in Vermont but from what I hear the dispensaries suck.

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ahhhhh fuck , west coast otherwise im game KVR


Made some headway with the store today. When my buddy bought the lot DOT put in a curb cut that was supposed to be shared by his and the lot next door, which isn’t sold. So we had to put in a 30 foot wide entry shared by both lots.

We both have some issues with that.

Had DOT come out and reassess the curb cut and it looks like we might be able to move it and have our own entry. Should know by next week.




Any word?

Nothing yet, hoping by friday

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Mail from KVR

I need to move to Maine and get a medical card holy shit

How you feeling? Have you tried tincture? I’ve heard it helps with seizures. Just a couple drops under the tongue.