Medical Suspensions

From UFCDaily

Here are the medical suspensions stemming from June 12th's UFC Fight Night 10 which was headlined by a standup war between Sam Stout and Spencer Fisher:

Nate Mohr - Suspended due to right hand fracture in win over Luke Caudillo. Mohr can return upon clearance from an orthopedic doctor
Chad Reiner - 90 day suspension resulting from KO by Anthony Johnson.

Jordan Radev - Suspended indefinitely following KO loss to Drew McFedries and subsequent trip to a local hospital. Can return once cleared by doctor.

Sam Stout - Suspended indefinitely following unanimous decision loss to Spence Fisher. Was transported to a hospital following the loss and will require a CT scan and doctors clearance before he can return.

Spencer Fisher - Suspended 45 days after having sutures over both eyes.

Jebus- and that is why I would never be a fighter.

Sewing my eyes just doesn't sound appealing.

Ya exactly....

If that many went to hospital after a event....Pretty much meant all these guys spent all they had in there gas tanks and gave there all to entertain us...And they paid the ulitmate price by injuring themselfs to make it a great fight

Andy Wang- Suspended indefinitely following TKO loss to Cole Miller and subsequent trip to a local hospital. Wang may never return to fighting ever again and is thus banned from the sport for all of time.

Good to hear

The kid cant protect himself at all...Hes going to get himself hurt against people in the UFC that are a lot better than Cole...Joe would kill him...BJ would whipe the mat with him...Yves would slaughter him...Franca would knock him back to 1st grade...Sherk would slam him back to the first day he was born....Fisher and Stout would murder him

Hes better off watching from the nosebleeds then in the octagon gettin his nose knocked off

birdman, you realize my last post was a joke right? I don't think he's really banned from the sport, he should be though

Oh ok my bad...

If and only reason he is brought back then hed be a welcome mat and punching bag to somebody...

Hes going to get seriously injured....

His beatings are not that entertaining so dont even offer the kid a contract or even a fight no matter how many times he calls u up Dana..Do the right thing and close the door on him