Medicals needed to fight by prov

Just thought it would be good to put on the Forum what medicals are needed to fight in which provinces for fighters to know what they need to get done.

Manitoba: from what Krystoff says are HepB,C Hiv and a physical and eye test.

Quebec:Hep B,C Hiv,EEG and Cat Scan

Ontario:nothing because the meatheads that sanction the sport won't let us have it.

Anyone else have any info please post it.


British Columbia : Hep B, C, Hiv, EEG

but catscans are coming into every province after xmas.. so get it done now!! u only need to do it once. out in B.C its like 290 bucks to get it done. kinda sucks. but its a one shot deal. so just get it done and over with.

For fighters needing catscans in Ontario:
Get a prereq from your family doctor..or from a walk in clinic. Call the hospital and ask to be put on emergency cancel list. You can usually get one within three months and there is no fee. Get on it now and don't scramble later..It's actually fairly easy to get one .

Alberta: Hep B,C Hiv,EEG

In the west, they are not provincially run. The requirements will vary between cities and commissions.

Kanada Kid can you post what your requirements are for each city that you hold your shows at.


Sure, very quickly

Calgary, EKG (ECG) Hep b, c, hiv, doctors note saying you're fit and that he checked your eyes. All within a year. Note, this is not an eye exam.

Edmonton, the above with a catscan sometime in your life.

Prince George, same as Calgary except bloodwork must be within 60 days. The also have their own medical forms that your doc has to fill out.

Vernon, Same as Calgary plus a urinalysis test and an ABC blood count. Also, their own form that your doc must fill out. I believe they got this from the Vancouver Commission.

Please keep in mind that requirements can be changed at any time.

Sorry, that's a CBC blood count, not ABC.

I thought it was the cbc ;)

Now I've learned my ABC's

cbc is blood count and all that.. it should come with ur blood work (heb, hiv). but ask for it just incase.

Medicals are a necessary evil of the fight game.

Does catscans need to be renewed every fiscal year, after April 1st like in Quebec or is it truly a "1 shot deal" meaning not required to renew every year.

In Quebec for instance you can get blood work and stuff done Jan 5th 2006 for instance and it will expire after April 1st 2006. This is a rule laid out by the QAC, crazy money grab in my opinion.

Greg Compton

It's the only way to guarantee the fighters are human