Meet my Homeboy

Gareth Joseph

MMA fighter, Crossfit Instructor, Maker of fine beverages and even better............he is a UG member.

Guy has a fight on the next WEF then its mid major title shots or back to Stikeforce or the UFC...which I guess is redundant to say.

I told you to watch out for Gamboa two years I'm telling you to get to know my homeboy.

Just look at his truck bros! F'n Awesome

Watch his enthusiasm when training broads...

Here he is talking to Mots

Take some time to familiarize yourself with his guy...or at least take the time to call him a fag on twitter as well as McCorkle (@garethjoseph)

Good Day

Bluenamer Please

O yeah...he will also be on MMAGospel radio in 1 hour if you want to check that out...

Thanks MB. MB is another one of my homeboys. Phone Post