Meet the 1000-lb Sisters!...american style "hotties|"



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how did the rona not smoke these two scale breaking crisco slugs? BuyTheTicketTakeTheRide is 100% right.

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Really though their lungs are already half full of grease.

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Those two women, combined have enough mass to create their own gravity.

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The show is a train wreck, my wife watches it, completely dysfunctional family. One sister is trying to kill herself with food. First season had some laughs but since then it’s just sad.

Legit comedy.

Their banter is great.

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Floppy’s dream, twin fatties. These two land whales weigh more than the camper on my truck, fucking insane.


Is this real dialogue? I just can’t tell anymore.

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Yup! I paused once on this show out of curiosity… I dont think I lasted longer than a minute. The one sister had a date and was going without the other… The dialogue was so bad I could feel my brain dying. It is a real concern that this show has any sort of following. Our society is doomed.

You guys will love this.

That one bitch has a fat forehead like she’s a pot bellied pig

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All these programs are modern day freak shows.

I can’t believe anyone would pick food over drugs for self destruction. I don’t care how much pleasure they get from delicious cake, it’s not even close to as good as delicious heroin and crack.

Also, drugs help you be thin on the way to an early grave.


But can they pull a wagon? :thinking:

Lol. I genuinely beleive this was an issue that had to be settled between the two, with having more pizza.

Which one I dunno …but it happened .


if there are aliens somewhere… all they have to do is watch these kinds of shows and they would be convinced to invade the earth.