Meet the kid running for Govenor of California

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If you have a 20 part plan, then you have no plan


Just listened to this. I think he has great energy, passion, a plan (whether it will all work or not), and he took on tough questions and rebuttals from very smart hosts. This alone is much more than what Californians are getting from their current politicians. His stance on homeless is not going to work tho


This. Effective leadership starts will simplifying solutions and executing key objectives.

did you watch the video or just read the title ? because he didn’t watch it.

the first minute is him explaining how to ease and simplify the tax problem in the state.

Holy shit. This actually sounds like a potential utopia. Also the guy is like an influencer version of a governor. He seems highly relatable.

hahah this is gonna be great!

Ex-contractor, lender, ect…

Ive followed him for awhile and have seen his YT channel grow. He recently did a really solid interview with Kevin O’Leary. Sharp young guy.

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Part 3 of part 2 - Colour code said documents TM

how long til an illegal alien runs?