Meeting english speaking girls?

I've been dating a japanese girl for a little while... Super cool girl, and great for my japanese and all... But i've kinda decided I want to meet some girls who can speak english.... like fellow foriegners or whatever.... Japanese girls with good english... Whatever. I go to a university where there are no other native english speakers, so I get plenty of japanese practice here.

So.... Where do they go?!?! Where do you meet english speaking girls?!?


If you find out let me know...


Go to one of their upper level english classes. There has to be someone who has studied abroad and is good. Although you'll probably just end up being used for english practice by most people.


Cheers! Good advice man! You living in Tokyo?

I'll take any abnormal ones you don't want....

Preferably one who will "except (sic) the fighter lifestyle"....

Funny thing is..... after all this... my little japanese girl is starting to grow on me :)

But keep the advice coming for the future;)

hmmm... It sounds like i'm in a similar situation to what you were in.... I spend all day training and speaking japanese to people. With this girl it's the lack of deeper conversation that bugs me. Also I just kinda wanna relax when i'm with her. But I always have to have on my Japanese thinking cap. Good to know that after a while it wasn't an issue with you and your girl.

I tell you man. If it wasn't for Skype (internet phone) i'd have lost my brain!

where the hell are sports bars in Tokyo?

OK.... so although the japanese girl was kinda growing on me.... I decided to let her go. Last night I had my BJJ Christmas party... and ended up in some underground club called Fuse or lume or something? Anyways.... This is pretty much my first time out clubbing... And as luck would have it I hooked up with one of the hottest girls i've ever met! Half Japanese and half Hawaian. Dear god she is fucking FINE! Cool as hell and her english is great!

So I guess I accidentaly went against the good advice on here and came out good:)

any of u boys go to roppongi? cant help but bump into English speaking
Japanese....quite a few of my co workers are completely bi lingua too..very
jealousl...i hate them..put me to shame :)