Megan Olivi looking down on Gus (pic)

Blue please! Phone Post 3.0


Shes on benavidez shoulders... Phone Post 3.0

"UFC needs its first white euro champ."

Lol, go back to Stormfront Phone Post 3.0

Gancho Al Hígado - idgi
Gus is 6'5 Phone Post 3.0

Gus clearly just got done cutting height.

Weight cut takes height away Phone Post 3.0

Great first step on the IV band to limit weight cutting but i think height cutting needs to be looked at closely.

Something like a fight day height check where you can only gain a certain percentage of height based on your weigh in height may be a feasible option. Phone Post 3.0

chadp -
Gancho Al Hígado - idgi
Gus is 6'5 Phone Post 3.0
That means Megan is 6'7

Snu Snu Phone Post 3.0

mkou - "UFC needs its first white euro champ."

Lol, go back to Stormfront Phone Post 3.0
No kidding. Plus, it already has one. Phone Post 3.0

I Love Spinning Dong - Shes on benavidez shoulders... Phone Post 3.0
Dude she'd actually be shorter if she did that.

Osmosis bro

It's just science Phone Post 3.0

TrainingSmarterNotHarder -
mkou - "UFC needs its first white euro champ."

Lol, go back to Stormfront Phone Post 3.0

Let me guess youre a white guilt liberal

You playing that race card bullshit is whats the real racisim. STFD and go back to worldstar

Theres NOTHING racist about what I said.

Europe is a big untaped market that would add dramatically to the talent pool also. Gus needs to be champ. Its statin facts. The best boxers in boxing right now are White/Asian Eastern Euros. Its why Boxing is popular again as a whole. MMA needs those bad ass white Euros.

Also the majority of the USA fanbase are Mexicans so MMA needs Mexican stud fighters too. Boxing has that covered with Canelo and many more also

If im racist then you also need to call all marketing racist. Also If you were truly about diversity you wpuls not be ok with the 205 division in the UFC just being the black division. You would want real diversity like Gus as champ amd such. Youre the true racist. And Im not even white. Just speaking on reality. Why also cater to blacks when they are only 12% of the population. If anything, Whites and Mexicans should be appealed to. Of course, im not PC so I expect to be flamed...but the truth is the truth
I get wanting Gus to win but why the hell would you want Bader to win ?

Also im pretty sure your thai guy Phone Post 3.0

TrainingSmarterNotHarder - He grossly misquoted me. I said AT 205

If what I said was racist, then Canelo vs Cotto in boxing is racist. "Mexico vs Puerto Rico" etc

Why do you white guilt liberal hacks always put racist intent behind everything? White guilt isnt a thing in boxing, YET seems to always reer its ugly head in MMA

Im simply just saying, there has never been a white Euro champ AT 205, and that Gus being champ would BE HUGE and good for the growth of MMA.

Its no different then promoters in boxing looking for the next big Mexican superstar due to the RICH history of Mexican boxing, and the fact Mexicans make up the largest percentage of combat sports fans by a large gap.

Boxing has its bad ass Eastern Euros. Talent wise MMA is missing out on sooo much by not even having a big presence in Europe. Gus would add to that. Theres Conor for Irelad but Conor is a cross over star whos LOVED GLOBALLY. MMA still also needs Gus and MORE like Gus from all around Wurope.

If you have the nerve to say that 1 or 2 Euro champs is "enough," then the 205 division being the black division is already wayyy more then enough. Youre both the real racists. You dont want real diversity either
White liberal hacks lol

Listen, I don't know you so of course I'm not saying you're an actual storm front dude, it was just a funny comment. Though you are very sensitive, which is ironic since you're saying others are.

But you're right that it's no different than what boxing promoters have always done. What you don't seem to realize is that's always been a bigoted practice. Fans rooting for or against people because of their race is racist, and fight promoters feeding or feeding off that is as well. We're used to it but of course it is Phone Post 3.0

Someone needs a medication adjustment. Phone Post 3.0

Geez what is your obsession with "white guilt," "liberals", & "blacks"?

I'm not even reading all of your furiously typed frat stuff, just picking up angry highlights. One dude made a quip and you lost your fucking mind. Take it easy.

Keep the guns and historically black churches away from this guys. Fuck. Phone Post 3.0

Steve4192 - 

Gus clearly just got done cutting height.


mkou - "UFC needs its first white euro champ."

Lol, go back to Stormfront Phone Post 3.0
They do for the sport to gain global success... This goes for all ethnicities... Having just Western Hemisphere champs other than Conner doesn't help spread the sport.... Boxing is king in Europe in-particular Germany which has hosted a bunch of Klitschko fights.. Sports thrive when there is champs coming from all over the globe just look at soccer(European football)... That's what's good for all sports... Fight sports historically brings people of all ethnicities together... I would bet it will be less than 5 years before we have our first champ from the continent of Africa... It's about growing the sport and gaining global viewership... Nothing racist or stormfront orientated about his post.. Take your nuts out your purse and be a revisionist to fight sport history... Go study boxing from the 1900's on... Boxing rose to fame because of immigration and the multi cultural men participating in the sport... Phone Post 3.0

Sonester Sambo -
TrainingSmarterNotHarder -
TheHoarseWhisperer - Someone needs a medication adjustment. Phone Post 3.0

Im glad i have great mental health. In todays world, white=black, and black=white.

I read a stat that over 70% of Americans are druged on pescreption meds or psych meds. Reading the OG/UG reminds me of how true it is. Your reaction is like someone on psych meds. Psych meds suck out the soul and change patterns/brain functions/more hostile. You and Elias Cepeda are def on psychotropic meds. I will continue to calmly ans rationally post about truths...the white guilt nutjobs like you and Elias "furious, crazy, racist" As homines are not effective vs me
Lol meltdown Phone Post 3.0
Yikes. Indeed.

Also, I'm a brown dude who has never used psychotropics but I agree...all the white fighters on ufc 192 should win...HA! Phone Post 3.0

Why bother responding to someone that will be gone before they hit 50 posts Phone Post 3.0

LOL, holy fuck. Just come out and say "I don't like black people or immigrants." Phone Post 3.0