Megan Rapinoe doesn't care about women or your kids

She’s the most despicable woman on this planet - twice as worse as Hillary Clinton.

Go away Casper the Lesbo!

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In all fairness, rapingho has probably never had anyone murdered.

But I love the idea of some country putting together a team of all male trannies to play against women’s teams.

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Is there a single female mma fighter or boxer than think males that claim to be women should be allowed to compete with them?
This debate is being had by people that are not into sports, green haired gender studies majors
They honestly have no idea that half the fat asses reading this could easily beat up any woman in the world. Female athletes have trained with males and are aware of this fact,

Dana, sign me! I’ll cut wait and literally fight any woman they have on the roster. MAKIN BANK! GIRL POWER!!

There’s a reason this argument only talks about one side of the trannys. Because women saying their men can’t compete with the men.

I don’t have daughters or any women who are big into sports in my life. So I don’t care too much. I’m just hoping and waiting to see a man go to the top levels of a “popular” womens sport and dominate. Then this will all end. And be very entertaining.

I love how end game feminism is telling real women that they should know their place and not be upset when a man takes their spot on a womans team.

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We need to organize a superfund to pay an elite high school soccer player to “transition” and try out for the US women’s soccer team…Rapinoe’s position specifically.

I’ve been hoping for a group of trannys to replace those insufferable cunts, most of them anyways, forever. Let’s go!

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I think that Ms. Rapinoe should try playing for the US Men’s Soccer Team for a season and see how that turns out. Then she can present an informed perspective.

Or how about just the Under 15 boys team from Dallas

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I don’t think she quite has grasped that it’s people like her causing the suicides with this bullshit

Rapinoe spot on here. One isolated incident here and there does not mean every single trans person is trying to take over the others sports

Yes Megan, they are disgusting!

It’s not EVERY title, just most… also, this is rich coming from a professional that got their ass kicked by the U14 Boys team… you can’t even beat a chid at soccer, how could you possibly compete against a man ?. .

Most of them just wallow in self pitty until they pull the trigger… some of them compete, and when they do, they are usually WAY ahead of the women’s.