Meghan and Harry: The Body Language Says It All


There is no question one of these is in their bedroom:

Correct. No women wants to be with a man who is her bitch unless she is gaining something from it. I would bet he doesn’t even fuck her unless she is drunk or feels bad for him. There are right around 0 women that are sexually attracted to a subservient cuck male.


They will be divorced once she no longer sees any advantage in keeping around.

He would have abandoned his family, heritage and titles for a foreign former prostitute


Someone posted a meme with this pic with “This is how you want your hairdresser to look at you in the mirror when he did a stellar job on your hair” or something to that effect.

Dude is a flaming f@ggot imo…

I still can’t believe that a man with his power and prestige wood allow some low rent skank turn him into a complete bitch.


Just a “fun” fact (correct if I am wrong about this story/rumor): Apparently they were trying to get on the guest list on Obama’s birthday party when they didn’t receive an invitiation.


Lol. Too white for Obama.

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A Brit being submissive?? Nooo…

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Mario is a fruitcake but a cool one I guess.

Cecil Peoples scored it 10-8 for Harry!

He’s definitely a bottom in that relationship.

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Read a comment that harry looks like the gay hairstylist having the clkent take a look at her new doo in the mirror

I mean…he the product of inbreeding…why are people surprised he’s a fruitcake…?

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Harry’s faggotry really makes William look much more like a real man than I might otherwise have noticed. He rocks his balding head with pride, got a better looking wife than his brother who actually stands by and not in front of him, and toes the line for the sake of his family.

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I don’t really care…but dam did he fuck up.

It runs in the family.

First thing I noticed is her white supremacy clothing while his signifies he’s lower class. He’s also behind her representing slavery.

The face of biracial white supremacy.

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Pretty much the photo definition of a liberal couple.

Might as well just put him in a dress.


He obviously has some issues. A young prince should not be getting with a late 30s D list divorced actress with stick legs, no curves, a bad boob job, and a giant victim complex. What a head scraping choice.


Christ, from shelling taliban in Afghanistan to carrying his wives purse. He must cry himself to sleep some nights