Mel Gibson by armbar...

I just finished watching Lethal Weapon 1, which came out in '83, and never paid attention to the ending. But, at the end, Mel Gibson goes for a sloppy armbar and then finishes his fight with a triangle! I was thoroughly amazed, especially since it was pre-UFC.

I SAW THAT TOO !! me and my room mate were freaking out over it.

ya, they even mentioned Jiujitsu earlier in the movie too. That's way back in '83. I wonder where the movie got that influence from.

rorion gracie was the fight cor. in the movie

Rorion Gracie and I think even Royce or Rickson did the fight coreography for that movie.

Rorion AND Royce ONLY

One of the Gracies, I think Rorion, was the fight coordinator for that movie. Ahead of its time by more than a decade.

"I just finished watching Lethal Weapon 1, which came out in '83,"

Movie came out in 1987.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the story goes Rorian wanted to get into movies, but could only get parts as extras, so he went into stuntwork and that's how he got the connections to do LW1.

Classic fight scene in the garden better than a kimbo fight anyway :D

Lethal Weapon was made in about 86 or 87, and I dont think they mentioned Jiu Jitsu in the movie, just that Riggs was into martial arts, but ill re watch and check on that to be sure.

yea, my bad it came out in '87. Danny Glover mentioned jiujitsu right before the scene with the suicide jumper.

they say riggs was doing tai chi and jiu jitsu

The end fight is an all-time classic fight scene.

Im sure they dont mention Jiu Jitsu by name, just that he's into "Tai Chi and all that killer stuff".

I just watched it and it caught my attention. They say jiujitsu right before the suicide jumper scene.

danny glover says something like "no crazy stuff, no killing, no jiujitsu"

Yeah your right my bad.

I also love the fight scene between John Cusack and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez (sp?) in Grosse Point Blank.

Doesn't have anything to do with this, but worth mentioning, it looks pretty brutal! I guess Benny Choreographed it...

Kane T is correct.

Cusack's a fan.

A couple kickboxing references/ scenes in Say Anything.

As far as LW goes....

If I were Gary Busey, first thing I'd have done- grab a big handful of that ridiculous mullet.

Cusack trains with Benny the Jet and prolly has been since before Grosse Point Blank. He mentioned it on some talk show back when he was promoting the movie.