Anyone use melatonin as a sleep aid? Does it work? Side effects? Gracias

It does work in my experience and when I'd take it I wouldn't wake up drowsy.

It's not a miracle but it helps to relax you. Phone Post 3.0

Why not get Ambien from the doctor?

I used it a few times. Fell right asleep but was wide awake in like 4 hrs every time.

Yes, it works. It works fast but not long. Benadryl on the other hand works longer but not as fast, so I usually take both.

Side effects: wild fucking dreams! Phone Post 3.0

Dan O'Connell - Why not get Ambien from the doctor?

Cheaper, more natural, non habit forming

It works, somewhat. A lot of melatonin supplements actually contain too high of a dose, which is one of the things that leads to people having trouble waking up or remaining groggy. 1.5mg is an ideal dose, imo.

Worked well for me. Used in combo with a good Magnesium supplement. Full relaxation Phone Post 3.0

I use it all the time. I take it before dinner so I can get my 8hrs. It makes a big difference for my recovery after training. For me at least Phone Post 3.0

Take just a little Benadryl, melatonin & Valerian root about an hour before bedtime & we're talkin' Happy New Year!

I only take it a when I need it or want tons of sleep. Only side affect iv had was upset stomach. And it was only a few times. Phone Post 3.0

I should try this, never ever feel rested. Phone Post 3.0

I take about 1mg a night 1 hr before bed and a magnesium supplement. I have to take a few days off every once in a while or I get a headache in the mornings but I definitely sleep better. On ambian I always woke up groggy and felt more tired. At my nursing home probably 99% of the residents are on it to help them sleep and prevent sundowners Phone Post 3.0

I rotate between Melatonin - you're only supposed to use it for 2-3 weeks and take a break - Valerian root (pill form) and Zzzquill.

These three are the best things going to make you sleepy, help you sleep soundly and not wake up groggy as a fcuk-fuck. I also have a white noise machine to make sure that nothing interrupts my beauty sleep.

Sometimes I'll cocktail the melatonin and valerian if I really need to get to sleep - but be forewarned you have vivid dreams. Not nightmares, mind you...just dreams.

With melatonin you have to find the right dosage. This is going to sound weird, but I found a little "less" works better. I tried 3mg and it didn't do shit. I tried 10mg and it didn't do shit. I tried 5mg and BOOM, works like a charm.

Oddly enough 15mg works good too, but I got a headache so went back to 5mg.

Good luck!

try the sub-lingual (ie under your tongue from GNC (it's the only thing I buy there). It comes in 1mg pills. I use 3 a night and I can go from wide awake to asleep in 15 minutes.