Melb May 20 FULL CARD Awesome!!!!!

Here is the FINALISED card for the HUGE MMA/NHB Extravaganza to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Thursday night, May 20.

Ringside will be special guest Randy "The Natural" Couture who will be calling the shots in the commentary with myself.

The Veteran Voice of the Octagon, Bruce Buffer, will be doing the ring announcing duties.

As stated earlier, this night represents the MMA debut of TOSCA PETRIDIS, the latest K-1 fighter / kickboxer / boxer to make the move into the MMA realm.

I watched Tosca training with Paul Fyfield and he is looking hot. His strategy? Expect Tosca to come out swinging, as Jim Brown would say, and go Maurice Smith on Peter Jones' Judo ass with strikes. All who have watched Tosca in K-1, kickboxing and boxing know how hard he hits and those who know him personally know that he is one of the most hardest security men in Melbourne... in the stand up he's gonna go swinging, and on the ground he will pound.

Good luck Tosca!

Also, look out for THE HULK Soa Palalei... this big bloke from Western Australia is being mooted as the next big thing in Aussie MMA and has already received some offers from the USA... I know that the UFC is keeping a close eye on him because Soa is a KNOCKOUT KING and that's what fans want to see.


ANTHONY PEROSH VS SAM NEST -- My pick for fight of the night!!!!!!!!!








Unless there's been a last minute change, Soa's fighting Jimmy Ambriz.

No he isn't. This is the card as of NOW... it is a change.

Wow Pang Vs Gillander....gonna be some fireworks.

Whats this Lucero like?

He doesn't seem to go the distance much, either wins early or loses early. 21 fights and only 2 have gone the distance going by

Kick ass Daniel.

Go Jamie!

Japan is the home of the Giants they want the SAPPS and Soa's.

Soa would make HW (under 265lb/120kg). Frank MIR is probably the same size as Soa he fights at just under 265lb!

Shame that AMBBRIZ didn't pan out but I am happy with LUCERO. I think soa should be fighting the likes of AMBRIZ etc.. on Pride or a UFC where the payday and exposure reflect the task.


Who is this Peter Jones guy?


Remember waching my first UFC back in the mid 90's (95?) and would never have beleived there would come a day when Bruce Buffer would be announcing an Aussie MMA show with Randy Coutore in the wings and featuring a home grown BJJ Black Belt and other World class fighter's.

We've come a very long way in a short time.



true dat, true dat. I dunno about Bruce Buffer though, I want that chick who announces at PrideFC she is scary but kinda cool.

Yeah, things are really heating up for MMA here in Australia!


Yeah this will be an awesome show! You just have to be there.

Perosh vs Nest will be the choice fight of the night.

hi guys, im the guy fighting the hulk. i know the task that awaits me, but i am looking so forward to this oppertunity. a short bio. i love to stand, i have alot of tkos on my resume, i am a high school wrestling coach,and have won desert quest(grappling) x2.i have fought ambriz, so i know what it is like to fight someone that strong. i took a beating, but would not quit. if you ask jimmy he will tell you i was one of his toughest fights ever, and the only one to ever blacken him up.i dont look like much(body wise) but i bring alot to the ring. i am not flying 18 hours to get my butt im not trash talking its not me. but i predict a very good fight, win or lose. i have gotten alot of positve replies from people down there, and i do appreciate it.i cant wait for the show,and hope to drink beer with all of you afterwards..

Vulcero: You sound like you're a nice guy - just like Soa. I bet you're a bad, bad man when the bell goes, just like Soa.

Unfortunately for you perhaps, he's the home flava so that's gotta get him over the line!! (fingers crossed!!)

Thanks for bringing some cred to Australia!!

Best of luck to you both, have a safe one and don't forget to tap before you snap! ;)

nest vs perosh will be one the biggest fight this year
sam a great fighter one of the most laid back fighters i've ever met.that said i thing perosh should win
and i hope ballard kicks arse to(gracie sydney)

This is the first time that I am really pissed that I'm in London and not at home in Melbourne.

-Adam Stanecki

PS Good luck Mr. Specht.

vlucero, classy post. Best of luck for the fight.

Sounds like its going to be an amazing night allround.

Best of luck Vlucero.