Melb NHB results thread...

Any details of Soa's match as well as Adrian vs Steve? much appreciated

I was on the phone getting play by play for Sam's match. A few short breaths when I heard the words "perosh has the hooks in" "Perosh has mount" (twice).

Slippery old Sam managed to get out swiftly on both occassions.

When BUFFER read the results it was unanimous and one of the cards was 30-26.

I was super worried for Sam in this match, however, the weight was always going to be an issue. For those interested Sam from all accounts was as crook as a dog too!


Well WHAT A NIGHT! It was a FULL HOUSE to the point that there was not even ONE vacant seat. Absolute capacity... for my liking, SAM NEST stole the night in his complete ownership of Perosh. Nest was on him from the opening bell, decisively beat and hurt him in the stand up, dominated him on the ground, lots of reversals. Twice Nest may have been in trouble when Perosh sunk the hooks and went for choke, but Sam slipped out and battered him. Perosh was bloodied up around the nose, swollen around the eyes... SOA did his usual GnP and waved to the audience while beating on Lucero... TOSCA PETRIDIS was one of the most exciting fights. Jones the Judoka took him down, Tosca pounded and pounded, escaped an armbar, got up, hook after hook and Jones was almost out on his feet -- DOCTOR stopped it fearing for Jones' safety as Tosca is a mofo striker!... LIMA was ultra impressive vs Ballard -- awesome armbar finish. Travers Grubb looked slick in a skilful fight. BRUCE BUFFER did a great job, he is a keg of personality. Randy hopped in ring for an interview... he must have signed a 1000 autographs on the night! T-shirts, etc. All in all it went off.


* Adrian Pang defeated Gillinder via arm lock rnd 2 (Pang almost had him choked at the end of the first round)
* John Veluri defeated Andrew Specht choke Rnd 2
* Tosca Petridis defeated Peter Jones ref stopped
* Travers Grubb defeated Devitt by decision
* Dale Westerman defeated Tim Bell by decision boxing
* Sam Nest defeated Perosh by Unan decision (Nest rocks!)
* Soa Palalei defeated Lucero rnd 1 ref stopped (Lucero didn't tap, tough SOB)

I'll let you know when all pics are up at but for now there are some on --- go to main forum, look under thread.

Who was this huge monster and why wasn't he there?

Who was this huge monster and why wasn't he there?

It was a great night, very professionally run. Each time this event is run it has been significantly better. The venue and Bruce Buffer were great. Randy is a true gentleman and the intro showing clips of his fights was awesome. It really showed how great he is.

Total kudos to Sam Nest, he did very well and dominated most of the match. But Anthony had lost too much weight. He was a shadow of his former self in every sense. Right from the start he looked slow and weak. This guy has lost around 10% if not more of his size, and was already lean before doing so.

It was to the point that he was moving in slow mo and looked drunk (and it wasn't from the strikes either).
He was totally depleted of strength and simply cannot operate effectively at that weight. With the loss of weight came the loss of strenth and stamina.

I think Anthony and Elvis have learnt a big lesson with this loss, he's a 100kg fighter and needs to stay at that weight. Sam was near his normal weight and therefore had the strength to go on as normal and did the job well.

Daniel Lima was impressive, nice takedown, never stopped attacking and put on a good submission.

Can't say I agree with the comments about Tosca's fight, the ground stuff left a lot to be desired.
I realise Tosca's skill lay in his standup, but at one point it looked as if they were have a rolling wrestle in their lounge room. I would have expected more from the judo guy. But good on him for getting in the ring to face Tosca.

That guy was leaning over (hands on knees) resting during the round and I was half expecting Tosca to kick his head clean off his shoulders.

Soa, what a destroyer....he needs some better guys to fight. It's getting boring and the fights need to get harder for him to prepare him for the big league.

The boxing was good, both guys had great skills, the winner had great slips, but loved to clinch way too much. The other guy knew how to take a punch and didn't stop.

All in all, a good night...can't wait for the next one
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ttt 4 details

Congrats to Daniel and his camp on a good win.

Wish him all the best for the future.

Jamie Ballard will be back, better than ever after this disappointing loss.

" But Anthony had lost too much weight. He was a shadow of his former self in every sense"

Let's not sully Sam's win with excuses.

Anthony knew the weight the fight was at and took it. Saying he had to cut too much weight is a pretty lame excuse in my opinion.

Making weight is as much a part of fighting as having good stand up or ground skills.

If you can't do it, don't take the fight.

Sam was on fire for 3 rounds and nothing Anthony did seemed to bother him.

Anthony had Sam mounted twice and lost them both, and had hooks in and a rear naked on twice and lost them both.

It was Sam's fight !


Totally agree Tank, not an excuse by any measure. As I said, Anthony has probably "LEARNT" from this. Read my post a little closer.
This meaning that 'yes' he took the fight and knew the weight...but was perhaps unaware of what the real ramifications would be.

Hardly a lame excuse...the guy lost over 10% of his body weight and he was already lean before hand. Losing that much weight and the ways it can be lost can have a huge effect on the body and it's performance. It doesn't matter what position you get, if you don't have the strength, stamina etc to maintain it, of course your not going to keep it.

This is not to say that I have any idea of what Anthony's training regime was like.
What Anthony did was the equivilent of Sam dropping to would Sam do at that weight???

Anyhow, as I said congrats to Sam he did extremely well.


"equivilent of Sam dropping to would Sam do at that weight???" He simply wouldn't do it! Although, for the right price I guess he might, but it would have to be a huge $number to get him even considering something like that - Sam is not someone who likes the idea of cutting in the slightest.

We thought that Anthony dropping so much weight would probably effect him, but whether or not it truly changed the fight will never be known. Sam was also crook coming in to the fight, and dropped his workrate in the 3rd round, as he knew he'd easily done enough to win the fight already and would probably gas out if he didn't.

Both guys got in there, in conditions that were not perfect for either of them, and slugged it out. That's what fighters do. Well done to both of them, but Sam did a bit better... ;-)

Cadmus has connected with the correct

I thought the Sam Nest/Anthony Perosh fight was great. Fight of the night perhaps. Technical, tough, gutsy. Anthony had as much opportunity as possible to work his game from under, but Cam Rowe could be right in that Anthony had the techniques but just couldn't seem to find the 5% more strength he needed to finish them. He got close to 2 strangles from behind and with his natural strength most likely would have sunk them in. But Sam seemed to be able to lift them off without much trouble at all.

Anthony took some punishment and really toughed it out. A lot of good blows but nothing really dangerous. If it was stopped I am very sure he would have been disappointed because whilst he was getting hit, he was always working his game and looking for the finishes/escapes.

Sam also showed great skills to nullify Anthony, because Anthony, even with the strength not up to his usual self, is still Anthony, so was always dangerous. But Sam had great weight down, hip position and balance all the time. A real testimony to his training and his coach of course.

That was the other cool thing about the fight: Chris Haseman in one corner and Elvis in the other. I was listening to their directions to their fighters to see what I could learn! :-)

Daniel Lima's double, from a fairly tricky position, was a corker. The flair! The flair! As good as any double ever seen in MMA anywhere in the world, ever. Then the crazy jump over the top and still landed in perfect side control. THEN he lined up in Sydney two days later for his first kickboxing bout, went the distance and won on points! That doesn't bode well for anyone in the 60kg division! NAGA and Brazil National BJJ champion who is now competitive in kickboxing!

It was Shoot Boxing not Kickboxing. And yes Daniel kicked arse! The guy landed one punch on him and one double leg. Then Daniel just dominated the absolute crap out of him for three rounds.

Daniel has no problems with fighting straight kickboxing either though Sam;) He's got the skills to beat anybody in the world at 60kg and deserves to be fighting in Japan for Shoot etc.

Daniel's attitude is great too. When I asked him what the hell he was thinking with the Sakuraba jump he just said:

"that's what people come to see, action"

Can't knock that attitude !


He did it against Kaneshiro too. I think he just likes stomping on peoples heads.

Steve, after seeing the look in his eye when he's fighting I tend to agree...


Full credit to Daniel, he really is an awesome fighter, and a nice guy. It really was a great night of fights, sorry we didn't meet up after guys would have been great to have a few beers, (probably would have been cheaper than the blackjack tables at the crown too.)

p.s. how hot were some of those chicks walking around. phwooar..