Melbourne Shooto Results? Please?

Anyone have the results and details from tonights Shooto event in Melbourne? C'mon post em.

please someone post them...
ttt for a reply, heard Anthony Perosh was gonna make a ring apperance.

Any descriptions of the fights?

Thanks 729 (Matt) for the results. Was it a good night? I would be particularly interested myself in descriptions of John Veluri, Travers Grubb, Cris Brown and Soa's fights.

It was a great night and personally i thought Travers put in another stand out performance as i also thought he was the stand out preformer on the 1ST shooto fights last November. Not that i know that much about MMA but i think Travers has a huge future ahead of him.

Also thought Browns and Soas opponents put up a great effort. Browns opponent was very tough and wanted to keep fighting also thought Browns punching was a big improvemnt on his last fight.

Soas opponent put up a great effort as he gave away 20kgs. He hit Soa with everything he had and even the foot stomping didn't slow Soa down. Great showmanship by Soa once he had the mount also.

Well done to all fighters involved all put up a greatr effort and show.

Also well done Kym looks like you have them, arm bars really working.

I thought like most the crowd that the 1st boxing match shouldn't have been stoped as the ref didn't even give the guy a standing 8 count and the guy was back to his feet straight away. But as was pointed out to me at the end of the fights that MMa had nothing to do with the boxing side of things! Just ashame the guy came all the way from Fiji to get a BS desision like that even though Shannon was in control.

Overall another great night, well done to all those involved in running the show.

Go on Matt brag how you said at the start of Sam Nests fight that Sam would win it by rear naked choke... ;) Might have to get you a spot on the commatory team.

well done Kym! catch you when you get back mate

It was a good night, with some very good fights, but there wewre also some very bad mismatches, which was disappointing

Kym Robinson won - armbar rd.1

Both were bit tentative on their feet, swapping leg kicks. Kym took him down with what looked like a combination between a wizzer and a hip toss. He then quickly mounted and started dishing out the punishment, the other guy tried but couldn't escape and eventually gave an arm, which Kym took and finished nicely.

Andrew Specht drew John Veluri (Veluri got cut rd.1)

Very short. Nothing much happened. An unfortunate end. Both through some good hay makers though

Travers Grubb won - RSC rd.1

A terrible mismatch. This was the most disappointing fight of the night. I think Travers has a huge future and I would have liked to have seen him against a better prepared apponent. The guy had an extensive boxing background but was obviously a beginner on the gound. Travers shot a double leg and took hime down easily. He then passed and mounted. The other guy tride to exchange punches from hif back and had the crap beaten out of him.

Chris Brown won - RSC(cut) rd.3 (maybe end 2nd.?)

Chris dominated everywhere, except for about 30 seconds at the end of the 1st round when the Japanese guy got a takedown and passed to half guard. he then proceeded to drive his shoulder into Chris a number of times, which brought some big cheers from the crowd, but I doubt did any damage.

Colin Crosby drew Keiran Hewitt

I thought this was the best fight of the night, both are very well rounded with Colin having a slight edge on the feet and Keiran a little better on the ground. Colin landed a good head kick in the first and got a standing eight count, he then got a takedown and moved to Keiren's back. Keiren defended well and ended the round in Colins guard.

The second round there was a lot of good ground work, with positions being inverted a number of times. Colin was effective with ground and pound from Keiren's guard but got caught in a tight armbar just as the bell went, saving Colin.

The last round was mostly Keiren in Colins guard, both were fairly active but no great damage done

Sam Nest won - rear naked choke rd.2

First round was pretty even, spent mostly in the clonch against the ropes and in the corners,. Ross got a couple of take downs and each time Sam attempted a guilotine with head and arm, and each time they had to be stood up.

Continued along the same in the seconf until Ross got a takedown and moved to half guard. Sam reversed him to side control. Ross gave his back and Sam took the opportunity to sink in the rear naked.

A good fight.

Soa Palalei won - RSC rd.2

Soa was too big and strong. Lots of time in the clinch with the US guy (can't remember his name) stomping his toes. Soa took him down a number of times and the guy escaped by climbing through the ropes.

In the second the US guy got a takedown, although he had to work very hard for it. Soa gave his back but simply stood up and shook him off. The fight went to ground again with Soa on top passing and geting full mount. The fight was stopped from punching.


Shannon McMahon won TKO rd.3

Adrian Bellin won TKO rd.1

Both were mismatches, although the first fight was quite entertaining and both Aussie guys are obviously very good.

Was Soa's opponent Christian Wellisch?

sub wrestler -Yes it was WELLISCH.

Was a good night lots of nice fights. HEWETT v Col was great!!!!

I know John tried really hard to match Travers with a bunch of guys, good on Nick for getting in and having a go.

The no contest with SPECHT and VELURI must have been really dissapointing to both.

Thanks to the promoters for the hospitality shown to myself and Kym.


I had a great time. It was an awesome show. It was an honour to again talk with and see all of the great gents of the sport. Kieran's and Collin's fight was intense. I thought it was the bout of the night . Both guys exchanged well and suprised one another.

Thanks to John and Joe for having me again. And to Matt Knight who took the fight on 2 weeks notice, and put up a good fight.

Thanks Justin for the cornering and the snoring ;)


And I can't forget my good luck motivator...Chris Shen...who helped me out in Nov and was able to corner me this time.

I look forward to cornering for him soon.

Thanks Chris..your a real champ.


Good work by Sam, 2/2. Justin you have mail.

Thanks for the update! Wish I'd been there, sounds like a great night!!

Congratulations to all fighters, win, lose or draw it takes huge balls to get in there and test yourself.

Spoke to Andrew Specht this morning, he is very disappointed his match ended so early and said he would like to match John Valuri again (apologies if I spelt his name incorrectly) if the chance arose.

Andrew is in great shape and eager to fight again asap, hoping to get him matched on Spartan or XFC soon.

Kind Regards


Good job Kym another armbar way to go man!

I'm glad to see Chris Brown and Soa win again.Soa is damn near impossible to move especially when he's mounted.Sounds like his opponent put up a good fight though.

Thanks Don.

How has everything been for you and Andre ?
When will we see you back into ass kicking action, again big guy ?

Take care


"It was a good night, with some very good fights, but there wewre also some very bad mismatches, which was disappointing."

Actually I thought there was only one mismatch. All the other matches were pretty good (can't comment on the boxing though). The fights also progressed nicely during the night. Not too much dead time. Everything seemed to run well.

As a fighter/coach there were a few points that needed to be addressed and no doubt will be resolved by the next show.




I'm competing in the Gracie Worlds Pro submission grappling tournament march 7th.Some of my opponents may include 'Xande'Ribiero,Marcio'PeDe Pano'Cruz,Jeff Monson,and Wade Rome.Andre maybe competing in the amateur middle weight division.

Good luck Don and Andre.

Hope to see you both back down under asap.



Good luck Don !

You train hard mate. Hope to hear about you some more in the near future. You boyz hurry up and bring your tobbacco chewing asses back down under ;)

Take care mate

Ta for the tips on the night mate. Was much appreciated.....My sis is stressing I didnt get a p
photo of you.

Take care


"Elvis, Ta for the tips on the night mate. Was much appreciated.....My sis is stressing I didnt get a p photo of you."

Hey Kym, always happy to offer advice, or a helping hand to a friend. I'm sure we'll cross paths again, just make sure you have a camera ready... :)


Thanks Gerald :)


'You boyz hurry up and bring your tobbacco chewing asses back down under ;)'LMAO Andre doesn't do that only me.I will let you know how it goes with the tournament.I placed 3rd last year.