Melendez Thompson Guida and girl

Melendez vs. Thompson?

I say Melendez. Thompson hasn't been impressive in his last two fights. He lost one, he won one, but even his win seemed amateur. What happened to the Thompson that used to knock out his opponents by doing cool shit like superman punches? He seems slower and less skilled since he came back from his hiatus.

Guida vs. Thompson rematch? Think it will happen or over that already? Guida will have to work on his standup and Josh will have to work on his grappling.

Who is next for Melendez, Thompson, and Guida?

Someone on an earlier post mentioned Guida going home with pride after his fight especially since he was going home to a hot chick. In response to that: I did see his girlfriend at the weigh ins and the hotel. Hot as F*** and nice as hell. Job well done Guida.

right on dude...

Melendez vs. Thompson vs. Guida in a three way cage match and the Guida's chick can be the ring girl

That shit would be sweet. Let's say Guida's girl and Puder's girl mud wrestling and the other three can ref.

Although Gil, Josh, and Clay would be a good show.

I thought this would have something to do with a train...

Sorry to disappoint. You can imagine a train if you want.

Anyone know if Guida's girl was one of the ring girls for the first strikeforce? I saw her in the crowd this time around

Not sure if Guida's girl was a ring girl in March. I don't remember seeing a girl with him at the first fight. She if def ring girl material. Someone should get her on the next show.