Melvin Guillard will fight for you

         I would like to announce the new name of our team from New Orleans, La. and the fighters that we represent but not necessarily managing all of them. Our new team name is "Team Anaconda" with the motto and slogan of "Strike Fast/Squeeze hard". Most of our fighters compete in both NHB, kickboxing, and boxing.  

       Those fighters that we represent are Melvin Guillard-pro 155-165lbs, Warren Donnely-pro165-170lbs, Calvin Martin-amateur 137-142lbs, R.C. Stevens-amateur 155lbs, Brandon Keith-amateur 125lbs, Jamie Mckinney-pro 225lbs, Anthony Barbier- pro 195lbs, Kenny Cavalier -amateur 215lbs, Lamont Lindsey-pro 130lbs,etc., plus more.

      We are willing to drive and come as a team to events that are within a days drive from New Orleans but would prefer to travel by way of Lear or Falcon Jets! LOL. Please feel free to contact me, Joe Ancona at 504-888-6451 or e-mail  We are also looking for overseas fights for Melvin Guillard at this time !


"Strike Fast/Squeeze hard", I like your slogan.

Gary Hughes

I don't get it joker! Thwart????

"Courage Fighting Championships" is July 26th or 27th, in Decatur Illinois. I will know the exact date this week. if interested email me jason reinhardt



thanks, lawdymama we love chix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to fight Melvin Guillard for my Rage In The Cage belt here in Arizona. Please go to or contact Jpet at if you want to get it on.



Melvin vs. Drew could be a future classic!!!

I'll fight guilliard in Louisiana or Arizona what ever...he is a good opponent and deserves a good match up so Melvin if your listening the invitation is open

Classy post from Mr. Fickett

Drew, Melvin will be moving down to the 155lb division after his fight with Kyle Bradley , He walks around at 162-165 and I know he would be much stronger in the 155lb weight class. We appreciate your gladiator type attitude and hope to have you here soonin New Orleans, La. maybe matched up with someone a bit larger than Melvin; he just made 21yrs old last month and he is growing, but I would rather weight another year before we accept a fight from someone of your caliber, good luck and congratulations on your recent victories!

Sincerely, Joe Ancona

3t for Melvin

I think Melvin is about as cool as they come. He spent a week at my gym about a year ago. I wish him the best of luck. He is one awesome athlete.

i saw melvin fight in atlanta..he is young and has loads of talent..keep up the good work!