Melvin Guillard

Melvin Guillard has been a friend of mine for a coulple of years. I have helped him train, and have met with some success training other fighters as well. Melvin is one of the nicest guys in this sport, until you get in the ring or cage with him. When he is on his game, and fully prepared for a fight, he is hard to beat.

It is my understanding that Melvin is now in school. I wish him the best, both in his carreer and his education.

Jeff Strickland



c'mon guys. Help me keep this thread up. Melvin is a class act, and those of you that know him, know this to be true. Let's give him some props!!

Yeah Melvin is going to school now as well as holding down that job at Academy while trying to get in all his training time.

I just got back from Atlanta where we shared a hotel room. I tried to snuggle and he punched me in the eye:)

Just joking!

wasup Kyle!!??!! Props to you too!! You have a big future in this sport!!


Melvin is the shit.

Hope everything is working out well for him.

Yeah, I would have punched you in the eye too!

Shannon, you say you would have punched me in the eye, but you DIDNT last time I snuggled with you. You just pretended to be asleep!



Kyle, do you have e-mail for Melvin, I have some questions I want to ask him about a fighter. I appreciate it.

Melvin doesn't have the internet and doesnt have an email addy. The only way to get in touch with him his to call his cell phone. Email me at and I will tell you how to contact him.

what school is he going to?


mail sent

my email seems to be broke right now, but Ill get back to it when I can access.

When did Melvin turn into a giant?

hey I appreciate it.