Melvin Guillard's ShootBox Fight


some accounts of Ogata's past fights


ttt for melvin.

congrats i am impressed

I doubt Melvin could ever have a disappointing fight from what I've read about him.  Good luck in Japan!

thanks chris for the info!!

hi santino, sorry, but we are fired up for this one and besides,no disrespect, but i thought that you don't train much standup ? this is more like kickboxing than mma, again no offense, melvin did real good last week in his muay thai fight against ryan madigan

I wouldn't say that this is Melvin's shot. Melvin has had several quality opponents and has several big fight's in his future. Including the upcoming fight with Kit Cope in Feb. This is a great opportunity for Melvin. But i don't think this fight will make or brake his career.

np, Joey. I am trying to get ahold of a friend of mine in Japan, to see what he can tell me. I'll let you know if my research turns up anything else.

Hey Joe I thought you were goin to call me back and let me know aobut me fighting Melvin but I guess you looked somewere else.
Mikey Gomez...

I have always believed in Melvin. I saw him as a junior in high school at a wrestling meet and I knew this guy had to do MMA. He is still very young and has a bright future ahead of him. Stay tuned in March as he steps down into the lightweight division for the FFC XIV Lightweight Grand Prix at the Grand Casino Tunica. He will be tested against guys like Roger Huerta, Mark Colangelo to name a couple. Anyway, the Japanese fans are in for a treat. They will really like Melvin's style.

Good luck to Melvin on this and his fight with Kit.

Joe, I do train boxing/kickboxing 5 days a week, so I would have been ready for the fight, but I guess this is Melvins time to shine.

Good luck Melvin! Though I'm rooting for Ogata all the way :-))

I will be at the show as well with two of my fighters: Christian Allen at 145lbs, and some guy named Pete from Texas at 170..

We will all have to band together and be a little "Team USA" while there.

Melvin needs to box, box, box! That is Ogata's weakness imo. He gets hit and then is stationary, good combo's will win this one. Get in, fire him up and get out. Also needs to stay out of leg kick range as Ogata does have strong leg kicks. Ogata is competent at the throws but doesn't use them so much.

See you in Fukuoka!

Good luck Melvin!!!!

keep it coming guys


i am sure santino would have been more than ready, s'ok he is an mma stud anyway, GL melvin

good luck melvin!

Good Luck Melvin!!!