Melvin Manhoef Retires

Following his loss to future Dream middleweight champ Gergard Mousasi Melvin Manhoef has decided to “Hang em up” according to Mike’s Gym which is Mahoef’s team :

“Training seven days a week and three times a day has taken its toll on his family life”

I’m very disappointed with this news as I am a huge fan of Manhoef, he is extremely explosive and very fun to watch fight. I can only hope that after a little time off he will reevaluate his career and be ready to come back strong. If he doesn’t though I completely understand, family is the most important thing in this world and no one wants to miss there kids growing up because of work. Whether he come back or not I will always be a fan.

He should just cut back his training schedule and work on ground technique

We know.

Other threads have been posted.

until he fights JLB at K-1 Amsterdam next year.

Meh.....Not like he was taking BJJ that seriously or MMA as a whole either. Back to K-1 FTW!