Melvin"The Young Assassin"Guillard

Can anyone tell me where this dangerous son of thunder is, and what he is up too!?! Melvin, if you read this, call me!! You should still have my number.

He was at NAGA Atlanta this past weekend..

did he compete, or was he observing?


Again?? Is he giving Kyle a rematch??

well it was the fight he was offered and he is coming off 2 losses to very tough opponents, and I am coming off of 4 wins, so this fight will establish better a ranking system within the FFC with myself, Melvin, Spencer Fisher, and Prater all fighting on the same card.

The last one was your MMA debut, and you made a hell of a showing. It will definitely be a good one! I know that you two have become friends. Good luck to you both!

Kyle, if you can, email me at, I would like to know the results ASAP, I will give you my number. Thanks,

Good luck to both of these guys. As I was going over fights for this show this one kept coming up as a fight that made sense. I think this could be the fight of the night.

Melvin is back at Anconas'

Melvin is what?? Poor guy!!