Member since 2008?

 Ive been here since SF days.  I cant go back to being a NOOB...noooooooooooooooooooooooo

For real though, overall the site is pretty damn cool so far.  I like the new options.  Thanks again!

yeah, i have been around forever. And i had the 1/1/2001 user since before.

Now it has me as 1/31/2008

Is there any way to have that changed back Kirik? I always kind of looked at it as a badge of honor, having been around for so long.

I will for sure get that fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

same here.. has me listed as member since 2008. How we get that fixed?

 Guys say it is fixed?


is it?

uhhh... apparently not.


Stop bitchin you fackin noobs!!!

not fixed yet Kirik

still not fixed




ttt, I just want to make sure this problem doesn't fall by the way side.


holy shit! 1/1/01! thanks Kirik!