members who have been here 14 yrs or more ck in

ttt for the best sight on the interwebs!


Check. Here since 98!

Has it been that long? Damn I'm getting old!

Been here since I seeking results for Pride GP2000s opening bracket. So in Spring it will be 14 yrs.

Me! Still check in almost every single day.

I'm checking in because I watched UFC III on PPV. I belong!! Phone Post 3.0

Been here since Ronda's second UFC fight. Phone Post 3.0

I'm an 01er Phone Post 3.0


99 with another name


had a 98 account in the or whatever it used to be.

EDIT: errr not

do you even train ufc brah?

Been here for prob two weeks big shit I've been busy and never really got the forum thing but it's growing on me and I'm 14 yrs behind so give me a week and I'll be up to

Seriously though if you have been here that long your loyal great quality lets move on.. Phone Post 3.0

I signed up in 99 on recommendation of Jeff Osborne to ask a Sakuraba-related question. Best site of web. Phone Post 3.0

Been here since 2002 when I joined a bunch of MMA forums (here, Sherdog, Cagewarriors) and didn't really post much for several years until my go-to forum (Cagewarriors) sort of died.  Now I'm trapped.



...I am aware this is less than 14 years, but I wanted to feel included


I've only been here for a few, but have read about this place or visited this place for a good 2-3 years now.

I must admit, I admire the loyalty of those who've been here for 10 years at least.

I, myself, have been on the internet for 14-15 years, but didn't even know this place existed back then.

Either way, congrats to those of you who've maintained yourselves loyal.

Here's to 14 more for you guys hopefully!

Many blessings to all.


Still waiting for updates to the fighters notebook