Meme or caption this picture (jiu-jitsu)

I am terrible at making memes, but I love reading them. We found a picture of our daughter right before a jiu-jitsu match that she ended up making the little boy cry. Let's see some good memes or captions.

Just left kindergarten.....delivers 1st grade beating.

Maybe you should go on the website from your phone browser and post the pic you lazy fat slob dick


There is no mercy in this dojo!

"The wall just got 10 feet taller Jose. "

I must break you

" I walk around the ring but I never take my eyes off my opponent. Even if he s ready and pumping, and cant wait to get his hands on me. I keep my eyes on him. I keep my eyes on him. Then once I see a chink in his armor, boom, one of his eyes may move, and then I know I have him. Then once he comes to the center of the ring he looks at me with his piercing look as if he s not afraid. But he already made that mistake when he looked down for that one tenth of a second. I know I have him."


When you go to sleep, I'm not letting go

Your heart will taste best covered in tears!

Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.

You better be wearing a cup!

John Dougherty - I must break you

Exactly the vibe I was getting. Your daughter is a destroyer OP.


We love them all, please keep them coming.

And thank you for posting the picture for me...

Do you know how to sit down when you pee?

You're gonna learn!

If he dies, he dies.

He took my juicebox.

He took my juicebox.

He took my juicebox.