Meme speech at univ of iowa triggers sjw

theres lungs with cancer that arent as hacky as VTCO

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Beat me to it

What’s the meme?

Going to universities infested with violent libs is a proven way for grifting conservatives to get media coverage and viral social media content.

Ann Coulter made millions in book sales off the free press she got from provoking rabid college libs and playing the victim when they go wild.

It’s been going on for decades and I’m honestly shocked libs are stupid enough to keep falling for it. Don’t these idiots ever ask themselves “why do conservatives keep shilling their books on college campuses and not someplace more welcoming like a church or gun show?”

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You don’t think it’s important to try and give those commie plants some diversity of thought? They are bombarded with propaganda in school, movies, tv, music etc. I like seeing them exposed to other ideas. I also like that the few conservatives on campus know they aren’t alone. Those school are insane, the right shouldn’t be giving up on fighting for them

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Yeah, I would imagine a guy with a do-rag would get pushed all the way through medical school in todays climate.


You need to go back farther than that.

There were more token students than I could count when I was at UT Chattanooga. Most of them were from Memphis. I’m not sure if there were more than a dozen students in all of Boling Apartments that could read at a level higher than about 4th grade.

Temple University in Philthy.

Literally can’t tell the difference between some of the students and the bums.

Future valedictorian

Almost as bad as having a President that has been busted for plagiarism more than once

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Man, leftists wouldn’t even know funny if it hit them in the head with a frying pan. :man_facepalming: :rofl:


Sub 80 IQ - Check
Do-rag - Check
Screaming about racism - Check

We got us one of them diversity and inclusion students here, so you know he is making straight A’s without actually showing up to class. Future Astronaut-Surgeon material in today’s political climate.

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Thats literally like blaming girls of being raped because thy dressed scantily, people like you are disgusting.

frying pan Dan is a national hero. No, global hero

  1. Fuck plagiarists. It is an offense of dishonesty.
  2. What does this guy who i had to google being scum have to do with the violent outburst over a meme?
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