Memes for irresponsible women who get pregnant and then want an abortion

anyone got any memes about women who get pregnant and then want an abortion because they were irresponsible but blame all the men? I have a woman on FB that keeps posting memes about cutting off penises and snipping men who ‘get away with it’. It takes two to tango but apparently it is all the mans fault for getting pregnant so the logical choice is Aborton. She is psycho about Texas’s new laws.

Not once has she said anything about women who make bad choices in men. would just like to put her in her place.

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Good thread idea


Just ask her: since she’s ok with the mother opting out of caring for a child no-questions(or father)-asked, if she is also ok with the dad doing the same legally/financially no-questions(or mother)-asked.

This is the most oddly specific meme request.
In…to see of these actually exist.

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I googled irresponsible women memes and only a handful exist. Google has manipulated the algoriythms to keep it down. I guess I could create some.



If you are on FB look up groups or pages like:

You spelled “I let losers cum in me” wrong

Women posting their Ls online

Do women ever shut the fuck up?

You will find tons of them. There are a lot of them in thr SJW thread here too.


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