Memo to Webber, Divacs and Peja

Contact Mitch Kupchak ASAP and inquire if there will be any room available on the bench next season, at a substantial paycut but with the greatest chance of finally tasting championship glory. You owe it to yourselves gentlemen, and I use that term extremely loosely, make the sacrifice and finally win your first and only ring.

The window has closed on the Queens

lol, I wonder what you're gonna be saying when Malone retires next year and either Shaq or Kobe are playing somewhere else. :)

SinCityHustler, my man, want any action on the next series?

SoulJacker, you're on. I know you're good for it and if for some unfounded reason LA were to lose, I'm good for it too. Name you price and stipulations.

Floppy, I'll worry about next year when our season is over. For the tmie being, I'll be worrying about getting to one or two of the finals games in LA.

GO WOLVES!!!!!!!!

SinCityHustler - we can go $50 again. You got LA and I have minnesota

cool, you still have my address? 8-)

LOL, yeah but you will need mine this time :)

try and remember who you bet with this time, lol

Brian - its not so much that I like or think Minnesota will win, Im just hoping. I do think the Kings had a better chance of beating LA though

SoulJacker, come on brother. The Kings would have had zero chance of taking out LA, we would have had home court, the championship experience and riding an emotional high while the Queens would have been looking at being down 0 - 2 and headed back to the scene where they last lost to us in the playoffs in a game 7 situation.

At least Minnesota can just play ball and hope for the best. They've already gone further than at any point in franchise history and facing the mighty Lakers, who would blame them if they were to lose?

Karl Malone will not be denied in his quest to capture an NBA World Title. Shaq and Kobe know they may break up the team next year and they will not let this season fall short of expedctations.

If somehow LA loses this series to the wolves, souljacker you'll get $100 from me although our bet is still $50.00

I'm willing to give 2 to 1 odds on this series. I'm that confident LA will win.

Lakers looking good after game one. If LA can come out and blitz the Wolves early in the game 2, I think the wolves will tuck their tai lbetween their legs and lay down 4 to 0 in this series. We will see.

Kings would have trounced you hoes.

Kings would have trounced you hoes.bwahahabwahahahahahahahaLOL BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hehehohohehehohoshit bro, the three kings have a better shot at beatin us than the sacramento kings do ;)

We just trounced the team that trounced the Queens. Come on Floppy, you're losing credibility here by making those silly statements. Lakers are the class of the NBA and after a lackluster regular season in which they finished better than the Queens, they are turning it on an dlooking to capture their 15th NBA World title. Today I saw quite a few Laker flags while driving around and I live in Las Vegas. Go LA!


I was joking, but in all honesty you won one game, and we weren't trounced, we started off the series with the Wolves the same way you did, dorkus!!! :)

And as for you finishing better than the Kings you should send a thank you letter to Webber for that, seriously. :)

An open letter to Chris Webber:

Thank you for being yourself yet again and letting your team down. Had you performed better, the Queens may have won the division and would have been eliminated by San Antonio Spurs in the second round instead of Minnesota.

boolsheetz!!!!! lol