Memorable Fights in Oklahoma

List some memorable fights you have seen in Oklahoma or memorable fights OK fighters have been in. My list;

  • Of course UFC 4 in Tulsa - Royce vs. Severn

  • The Freestyle Fighting Federation tournament that featured Mikey Burnette and Kevin Nix. Great tournament featuring UFC star Mikey when he first started training.

  • Manson Gibson - saw him beat Anthony Macias and Wrath White

  • Extreme Kickboxing 13 (I think thats the number). Great tournament with several great fighters. It was won by Matt Wiman from the Lions Den. He fought three of the toughest guys in the tournament on the way to winning.

Tommy Walkingstick - a great guy who was a monster back in the day. He fought at Vale Tudo card on the undercard of the famous Choke video.

James Minson vs. Shannon the Cannon at the Texas Shootout. James was an unknown as compared to Shannon but not unknown in Okla - who fought Shannon in the finals of a tournament and James got the win. Minsons ground game is sick and when he was fighting regularly - could have gone to just about any show and done well.

Greg McIntyre vs. Zane Frazier. Frazier the UFC vet vs. Bam Bam McIntyre in Tulsa. This was great fight with Bam Bam coming out on top.

These are just fights that stick out in my mind because I have trained with and am friends with several of the people mentioned. Please list Oklahoma fights/fighters that stick out in your mind.

Also I seem to recall and Extreme Fighting coming to Tulsa one time. But I was unable to attend that fight. If anyone remembers that card - please refresh my memory.

Cant forget the two Rock n Rumble cards put on by Mikey. I was at the first and it was a great show.

The fights that night were fantastic with Wiman vs. Joe Garza being by far the best fight of the night. Both of those guys are animals. Also Wimans fight vs. Greg Bossler was good. I would have liked to have seen more ground work on that fight. Matt is a good guy and I look forward to seeing him fight more in the future.

That show was one of the best Apollo has ever put on mainly because it had more MMA fights than usual. I really liked the format for Mikeys RnR fights. This is not a knock by any means on Apollo but the format for his shows seems a bit antiquated - very 80's-ish. The RnR shows seemed more updated and had a larger MMA show feel - similar to a KOTC or Gladiators Challenge.

I would loooooove to see some fights at the new Casino in Catoosa. That would be an excellent venue for MMA and I think they could sell it and bring in some talent from out of state which would help Okla guys get more coverage.

I think the same thing about the casino in Catoosa. That place is packed 24/7. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they start having events. They might be able to put a little more promotion into Dale or Mikey. No offense to those guys but unless you train or know someone who does, you probably won't hear about their shows until after they happen.

Ring or Cage???

I think the Casino is a great idea... I'm looking to fight soon (after Christmas) and would love to fight at the Casino.

Also, I train with James Minson from time to time when he can make it to our gym.... He's still an animal. Steven Mehr is training with us a lot now as well.


i had a good fight vs. some guy named aaron riley, i really have to disagree with the frazier mcyentire fight being great, bam bam missed like six armbars before finishing the fight the rest of the time he was pounding on him but this is not by any means a great fight its jus bam bam kicking zanes ass until the fight was finally over, tom jones vs. travis fowler at the 2nd rock and rumble was a good fight with jones winning, 2 ground and punders beating each others ass until vulger hit fowler hard enough to make him quit.

hey shane we need to get together and do alittle more training. trouble here is finding the time. need you to email me profile info.