Memory-Erasing ‘Eternal Sunshine’ May Happen Soon

Memory-erasing ‘Eternal Sunshine’ gene found

n research sounding like the plot of a sci-fi film, neurologists believe they have come a step closer to being able to erase haunting memories.

A group of US researchers believe they have found the gene which performs the role of memory extinction.

The process, which occurs when new memories overwrite old ones, is being treated as the key to eventually being able completely to delete painful memories.

The research could lead to medical advances and the successful treatment of those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or sufferers tormented by earlier experiences.

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who conducted the study say that if a way can be found to amplify the activity of the gene, known as Tet1, it could change lives.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Given all the different types of things that can damage memory out there, shouldn't we be shooting for doing the opposite?

First they're erasing bad memories, then before you know it, they're erasing every memory essential to free will. Phone Post

"Did you just flashy-thingy me?"

So it would almost be like there was some sort hole sun?

Yeah, it's called silent concussions. FML.

Anyone read the book "Shift" by Hugh Howey?

It's like that shit movie with Affleck. Phone Post 3.0

yeah let's erase the bad memories, maybe you will invite the nice man who raped you over for dinner lol

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Allegedly. Phone Post

I could see the Vatican investing heavily in this new technology

Well there goes the impetus for every poem, song, or work of art.

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That movie always makes my room dusty Phone Post