Memory Foam Mattress - Again

Has anybody had one of the Complete Sleep Shop mattresses for at least a few years? I am wondering about your experience after significant time has passed. The reason - I am seriously looking at these now. However, they use a polyurethane base, which is a cheaper and less dense material than the latex base used in the high-end memory foam mattresses. I am wondering if you have found that the base sinks in at all after significant use.

I have had one for 2 month and love it. 

Did you also get the pillows for your fat head?

yes 2 of them


egokilla, your experience seems like it would come more from the torn rib cartilage than the mattress itself. The firmness would also depend on the thickness and density of the memory foam. But appreciate the feedback.

the first few nights a new memory foam bed is hard as fuck but it loosens up quite a bit after a couple days then you just sink into it

I've had mine for about two years now. Got it when I had my first shoulder surgery.

I love it. I find it hard to sleep without it.

Also got the pillows, but I rarely use 'em.

fabes - latex or polyurethane base? Any sinkage?

Shit man, I don't know.

Zero sinkage.

I got the 3 inch one.

Did you buy through ebay, or a name brand like temperpedic

mine is a foot thick

I wish you had yours for longer, Fathead. I would really like to know about the durability/resilience of the polyurethane base.

One of my clients owns a Bed & Back store and gave it to me. Its Tempur Pedic.

I didn't really clarify, I have the mattress top, not the actual mattress.

I don't like the mattresses.

But the mattress top has been awesome. I can't sleep without it.

My back is so fucked up I had not been able to sleep over 2 hours at a time in our Simmons Beautyrest for over a year. First night on the Tempur Pedic, I slept 7 solid hours.
I have the deluxe Tempur Pedic mattress and platform and it is the best bed I have ever slept on. I can roll over and my girl doesn't even budge. She used to wake up everytime I moved at all.

Best bed ever in my opinion, hands down.

Sherman - I know the tempurpedic is great, I'm trying to save a couple G's though.

BONE - how long have you had it now? Has it sunk in at all, even a tiny bit?

I've had mine for about 6 months.

Just as fresh as the day I got it.

I think I started the little memory mattress thing on here.

I repeat, there is no reason in the world to buy a tempurpedic and get ripped off.

okay, okay, i have to ask. my wife and i are looking at temperpedic beds, and i love the way they feel, but about once a year, i drink waaaaaay to much and piss the bed. will this ruin it? yes, i am looking for serious answers.

Young children should not drink beer. Seriously though, put some kind of a topper on it.

there are elite waterproof /dust mite proof etc covers you put on those mattresses. so spilling a drink or pissing will not fuck up your mattress. just throw the cover in the wash.

you actually zip up the whole mattress inside the thing so cover is an understatement