Memory Foam Mattress - Again

Fin - I've been following the memory foam threads and I remember that you got the 10 inch w/ 3 inches of memory foam. This is the one I was looking at. I weigh about 215 and wondering if there is enough memory foam. What do you weigh, and can you feel the firmer foam underneath, i.e. do you sink to the bottom of the memory foam? You know what I mean?

I had a similar injury. Rib cartilage. I was the most difficult thing getting out of bed because no matter what you do, you have to use your torso.

When the injury happened, I was in so much pain that I contemplated calling 9/11. Getting in and out of the car was excruciatingly painful. I couldn't move anything without pain.

That coupled with a lower back injury forced me to get a simple 3" thick memory foam mattress topper. It really helped me heal up.

"I have a tempurpedic mattress, never spill anything on it, ever."

You must be one of those crazies that puts a glass of wine on the corner of your bed and starts bouncing up and down. You know, you're just tempting fate with that kind of behavior.

got pics of any of these? i'm going to be shopping for a new bed soon.

Pics Here

Just got off the phone with a foam mattress manufacturer. They are reputable, as they did the seating at the Air Canada Centre + a bunch of other large contracts. There is probably not too much bias, as they make and sell all types and grades of foam. This is a summary of what the guy had to say:

-Polyurethane base - will visually maintain its shape for the long term, but after about 2 years, you will start to notice compression in the spots where you sleep.

-Latex base - the best quality, the most expensive will not compress over time (at least 10 years), but not firm enough for a 200 pounder, unless you like a softer mattress. Advised that they sell both pure latex, and 30% latex / 70% poly blend, and warned that some advertise the hybrid as "latex" with no mention of the blend.

-Thickness of memory foam - advised the opposite of what I thought - less memory foam is desired for a heavier person, suggested 4 inch thickness would be too soft for me, said 3 inches would be ideal.

-A warning (mixture of sales talk and truth, I'm sure) - advised that some places sell foam manufactured in China that emits toxic gases, that there was an article in the Globe & Mail last year about this.


what type of boxspring do you use?

Any flat platform.

I think I have decided to build my own. In Canada we have fewer options. Complete Sleep Shop won't ship here, and their local guy charges more than double. for high-grade base, approx $200 CAD, about $75 CAD for the cover, then probably $400 CAD for the 3" CSS topper - total cost about $675 for a better quality product than the CSS built one. CSS local rep wanted $1000 CAD all in (incl. tax, shipping) for the $300 US 10" CSS mattress.

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i had the rib injury too. made me slow my bjj game tons. would use my heel and hook the edge of the bed and pull. still do it to this day.


i'm so close to getting the 12" dual air flow with 3" memory foam mattress. i'm just afraid that i won't like it. i love my bed, but i wake up at least every two hours to turn over. it would be great if i didn't have to do that any more. og, push me one way or the other.

"... i love my bed, but i wake up at least every two hours to turn over."

Yeah, me too.


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Half the price of Tempurpedic, it rocks

Dust mite feces add increases the weight of your mattress a pound per year

Ships SENSUS 5lb memory foam pads to Canada. About $350 CAD for 3", $400 CAD for 4", (Queen) includes shipping. - located in toronto, for highest quality base - KOOSH foam is synthetic latex, available in varying degrees of firmness. Will far outlast the polyurethane base in the cheaper offerings. Cut to your specs, approx $200 CAD for 5" thick Queen. Free local shipping.

foamite also sells the casing - $75 for Queen, although I'm still looking around.

So - total cost of about $625-$675 CAD (plus any duties levied on the memory foam) for highest quality, build-your-own (which means laying one layer of foam on top of the other, and enclosing in the casing).

You're welcome, Canucks.

Here's what I ended up doing:

KOOSH base, as above. Miscalculated on the price - $400

Costco - 2 1/2" 4lb density memory foam topper - $135

Zip cover for futon (from a Bloor St. futon shop) - $69


Total labour to put it together - about 20 mins. I put the memory foam inside the zip cover it came with, laid it on top of the Koosh, and worked the futon skin around it.

This is the way to go for canucks - the synthetic latex base will last at least 5 times longer than polyurethane without compression. The slightly lower density and slightly thinner memory foam from Costco - the difference is not even noticeable, and the price difference was way too large to ignore. If you go to the foamite factory, you can lay directly on a slab of Koosh, and you will see that you just need a little bit of softness on top of it. Slept on it last night and I am one happy camper!

Foam retains heat. I was concerned about that, but I didn't notice it at all last night.

I've had a memory foam topper & pillow for almost 18 months. I don't find it makes me hotter, but I do sleep with the AC on.


illuminutty whats the diffrence between the bed u put together and temperpidc one. I looked at sleep country canada on young and they have a queen for $ 2200 what should i do