Memphis and Nashville TME

Thinking about hitting these cities before or after NOLA in the fall. Maybe a road trip. Boat? Train?
Has anyone been? Would 2 nights in each city work?
I'd do 3 nights in NOLA. Been there before.

Would 2 other cities be better (in addition to NOLA)? Phone Post 3.0

I've never been to Memphis. Nashville is fun! If you've never been, you have to hit Broadway & hit the honkey-tonks. Been 3-4 times & have had a blast everytime Phone Post 3.0

Nashville is very fun and generally safe if you stick to the main drags.

Memphis is fun until it gets dark. Then it's time to go back to your hotel.

I am 45 minutes from memphis. It will suck if you are comparing it to nola. Nashville though is my favorite party town. Better than nola and LV Phone Post 3.0

I think two nights in each would be good. I've been to both and enjoyed them for sure. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks, guys.

I'd check out the music stuff and eat barbecue.

Need to start planning. Phone Post 3.0

Grew up in TN and spent quite a bit of time in Nashville.

Visited Memphis a few times.

Nashville has a Great Vibe and is a fun town.

Drive through Memphis.