memphis/portland trade

hahahahah what a ridiculous trade for portland i can't bleive how much better bonzi wells is compared to wesley person.

We'll see how it works out. Portland has a lot of big guys, they just picked up a kickass 3 point shooter in Person.

Is Portland making room($) to trade for a big name?

nope, they got rid of bonzy because he was causing trouble to the team/officials/coach, and apparently they were looking for leadership in obtaining Wesley Person. lol

lol, leadership is still a big issue, but they've still got some damn good players and now they've got a great outside shooter imo.

i don't know how great, he's been shooting poorly all season and i doubt he'll be taking many shots with all the ball hoggers in portland. we'll see.

CarCasS67 argued with the correct and then beat it senseless.

"he's been shooting poorly all season"

Yeah, but Portland has more inside guys than Memphis imo.

As a True grizzle fan....All i can say is Thank u Portland..