Men crossing their legs?

LOL! You silly women are clearly on to something…

UFC News: Chael Sonnen explains why Jon Jones' case is more like that of Chuck  Liddell's rather than Luis Pena's

Look at all these faggots!

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I have huge thighs and very average balls and it’s also very uncomfortable.

…and socks.

Knee over knee is a ball squish, and ankle over knee puts too much strain on my top knee. Neither are really great for me. I like to do a good man spread.

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Socks are for puffs!

Only Tito and Keanu IMO

When you get older, your balls will sag enough where it won’t be so painful

It’s gay as fuck, probably the reason I always sat cross-legged. Always found it to be more comfortable. My knees are shot so I cant sit like that anymore and it sucks.

The Simpsons Kilt GIF


I find that position super uncomfortable, I just dont give a fuck how any other man sits.

You must have a small cock and balls to be doing knee over knee.