Men Who Don't Back Into Parking Spots


This is how you know the guys saying pulling in is easier and faster don’t drive big vehicles. In my truck I actually can’t pull into a parking spot on my passenger side with vehicles on both sides unless I swing all the way into the other lane and even then sometimes I still have to back up and readjust.

Plus, if you’re backing out of a stall and get hit you’re at fault for that accident.

It’s exactly that, they have no idea what they are talking about.

They also prefer to back out blind. Have to watch front end swing while also watching for cars and pedestrians behind you. If there’s a truck or van beside you, you cant even see oncoming traffic until your ass end is 8ft into the lane lol.

In a truck, by the time you can start turning the front end enough, the box of your truck is already touching the cars behind you. It’s just physically easier to back in and pull out. To say otherwise just shows you dont understand the basic principles.


I drive an 09 Corolla and I still back in.

I pay cash for things too.

I’m never really in a hurry and it’s not my fault if the person behind me is.


I got hit in my rear quarter panel once because I slowed down for a person returning a cart. When she got out of her car she started yelling at me because “I wasn’t paying attention to people backing up”…according to her, I needed to be watching…behind me… but she didn’t need to watch while backing up.

That is how I think the pull in people in this thread brains work