Mendes counters Alliance/Checkmats 50/50 counters

And the wheel keeps on turning. This is why I love jiu jitsu.

As long as you don't die and keep on training, you will keep on learning.

Alliance counter 1:

Mendes counter to that:

Alliance counter 2:

Mendes counter to that:

Checkmat counter 1:

Checkmat counter 2:

Mendes counter to those:


Winner of the South American tryouts for the ADCC 2009, featherweight Rafael Mendes saw one of his inventions, the 50/50 guard, become easily the most bombarded of the year. Bombarded both in theory and in practice, with Alliance coming up with counter-attacks especially for it, to untie the knot the position has become.

But he doesn’t want to hear of controversy. In preparation for the ADCC 2009, Rafael commented to about his training, new inventions and even praised the antidotes for the “dastardly” guard. But the counter-attack, as he himself reveals, is already in the works.

What did you guys think when you saw on the escapes from the 50/50 guard created by Alliance?

I think everything is valid, but you can’t forget that the one on bottom has two arms to use, and his hands aren’t tied. They are showing positions in which the guy on bottom is like an immobile dummy. That makes it easy. But it’s all valid, from these attempts better positions will come about. I think this was a huge step, instead of criticizing they are trying to evolve.

Awesome! I still think Cobrinha takes it!

Marcelo da Souza told me I look exactly like Rafael... I looked this guy up on YouTube and the resemblance is crazy...we would be twins if I was a bit shorter and had brown eyes.


...and i'm white, not brazilian

for later

This is what jiu jitsu needs, serious school rivalries. This gets the teams brains working and makes for some really interesting match ups. Great for the fans!! This is what makes sports fun to watch!!

Where are the Barra guys? These are all Alliance and or Alliance derivatives. Come on Barra chime in!!

Forza Alliance!!!

The PuraBJJ school is currently working on a defence that 100% defeats the 50/50 guard.
It is called the 75/25 position.
video coming soon

rayonyx7 - Where are the Barra guys? These are all Alliance and or Alliance derivatives. Come on Barra chime in!!

Barra has Roger. No need for 50/50 guard, Roger beats all...

Rogers counter is cross choke from mount

These guys are just F'N AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Jiu Jitsu is such an amazing art form that is ever evolving and dynamic. How could you ever get tired of this? Great post

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Sir Taps,

Should I go down Alliance's athletes list?

Doble Post.


Ryan Hall, you have to post some of yours now for Brasa. Look forward to seeing more of this.

rayonyx7 - Sir Taps,

Should I go down Alliance's athletes list?

Lol, and what exactly would be the point of that? I was taking the piss dude - surely the fact of mentioning Roger, a guy who is like twice their size in a discussion about a position that's becoming the main feature of the featherweights should have given that away.

And even if you did, none of them have accomplished as much as Roger anyway...

But back to the subject at hand - I think it's awesome that everyone's trying to figure out the Atos game, and even better that the Mendes boys are pulling the counters apart as well, and the fact that this is all happening in the public domain via You Tube is even better.

ChokeTheFace - TTT

Ryan Hall, you have to post some of yours now for Brasa. Look forward to seeing more of this.

DVD series on using and defending the 50/50 for no-gi comes out in a week or so.
It covers...

- finishing the reverse heel hook
- hand fighting
- sweeps
- alternative submissions
- passes
- escapes
- taking the back
- defenses
- flow drills
- skill drills
- tons of entries

I hope you guys like it!

 I wish I understood portuguese so I could comprehend a bit better (yeah, lol @ me I'm slow).  Still an awesome exchange of videos, and I get the point.

Will be interesting to see Ryan's stuff -- I'm assuming it would be mostly no gi -- wan't to see these defense variations without the sleeve and pant grips.  I'm sure the sleeve grip just changes to the wrist, but not sure how leg control stuff would work.

Anyway, good stuff and keep em coming.  Great thread.

Also check out two armbar counters to the 50/50 posted by Luis Togno on Alliance of Charlotte's YouTube Channel.