Menjivar in next TKO.

I know there have been problems between Patry and Menjivar but Menjivar has stated that that is in his past and he seems ready to forget.

With Ivan's new management taking care of the financial aspects it seems like a good idea for him to come back to TKO.

So why not have Hominick vs. Menjivar for the world title. The 145lbs world title is vacant and Hominick has no one left to fight at that weight for the Canadian belt anyways.

Even if Hominick loses(which I think he will), he can still go on defending his Canadian title.

This fight would no doubt be one of the most exciting ever and a good test for Hominick.

It's time for TKO's grudge against Menjivar to end, Stephane Patry make it happen!!!


Menjivar will probably fight in June at UFC so why bother and ruin a chance to be on the big show?

There is still people for Mark left to fight,but first i think he and Richard Nancoo should get to fight again and prove something first.Former champ vs New champ ,after this than you will have a true champion.

cheers,Mister Ed

I think Hominick vs. Carvalho is a fight that should happen.


do you know what weight loaf fights at now,is he still down?


What planet are you on man???? Fucking get over it everyone else has. I have watched you put the same shit on about Hominick and Nancoo for a year now and have ignored it. But this is enough, come on man. If your such a Nancoo fan, try to soak up some of his class. Hominick and Nancoo fought and Hominick won. The offer was on the table but hasn't happened yet, both fighters are great fighters. But to show that much disrespect to Hominick, I just don't know where your coming from.....

Mr. Tompkins

Both Menjivar / Hominick or Hominick / Carvalho
would be sweet.

Antonio Carvalho has some sick skills waiting to be
unleashed to their fullest. His future is very bright.

Shawn i respect Mark as a fighter ,and he has done well since his break into MMA,But i saw the fight and many of Ritchy's fights,and in my opinion Ritchy could(not should), still be Champ.If you don't want to see this happen thats your call.But i'm a Loyal fan of every fighter putting it on the line,And i still say REmatch...i understand it would really suck for Mark to loose the rematch,no help for Mark,But Monkey was a great fighter too,ya just can't forget great fighters.

cheers,Mister Ed (not getting over shit)


You said you saw the fight between Mark and Richie??? So I'm not sure of the confusion?????

Please some day tell me the way you saw the fight and how Mark didn't win???

A rematch is necessary when the previous fight is a close call. In the case where one of the fighters has to leave on a stretcher...well it's not a close call.
So, no rematch in my mind.