Menjivar thread

I know he has a kickboxing match comming up but this guy(one of Canada's best) needs some MMA matches. ASAP.

He was supposed to fight Quach which would have been great and a huge stepping stone to more fights but that was postponned/canceled. I heard rumors of a TKO fight or maybe the next APEX(whenever that is).

Canada has some great 145s as do many American states close to us, so why can't Ivan get a fight?

What is his status with UFC at the moment?

He has a tough time getting fights at 145.


To sum it up, Ivan was scheduled to fight Quach in December at
WFF but as you know, the show was postponed.

He was also scheduled to fight in the UGC in Montreal on 2
occasions. The first time, his opponent was injured at the last
moment and the promoter could not find a replacement.
The second time, the promoter once again couldn't find an
opponent. Flying in an American was beyond his means, and let's
say that "not too many" (read almost NONE) Canadian fighters at
145lbs are willing to face Ivan. Many top 145lbers from the US
have also refused to face Ivan. That's the difficulty when you're
that good.

As for the UFC, despite the fact that the UFC and many fans were
thoroughly impressed with Ivan's performance and some in the
UFC would like to see him again, the development of the 155lbs
division is not their top priority for the immediate future.
However, Ivan is always ready to compete for the UFC and they are
well aware of this.

Also, Ivan didn't fight before the UFC as not to risk his shot in the

Finally, Ivan will definitely be fighting in the next WFF as well as
the next APEX shows which will take place on a more regular
basis. We are working on getting him fights in other promotions
as well. You can therefore expect him to be very active, very soon
in MMA.

In the meantime, he is perfecting his standup experience and
gaining purse money in boxing and kickboxing and will conduct a
seminar next week.

It's therefore a combination of many things that have kept him
from fighting MMA since the APEX show however Ivan will be quite
active in MMA in 2005 and will also compete in boxing again



Ivan needs to fight in Japan