Mental Illness In My Opinion

For me, the true test of whether someone is crazy or not is whether they know they are crazy.

I've known several bat shit people in my life and it was always the ones that thought they were right and the world is wrong that were the true crazies.

If you are bipolar but you are aware of it and you find yourself in a manic phase and say "ok this is bad, I need to chill." Then you're not really crazy.

But if you're a borderline personality and you are constantly destroying others because they did something you didn't like and at the end of the day you think the entire world is at fault and you're not batshit crazy.... Then my friend you definitely are batshit crazy!! Phone Post 3.0

Which one are you? Phone Post 3.0

I'm not crazy. I'M NOT CRAZY!!

You really should quit talking about the politicians like this...


there going to come after you!

You're right to some extent, when I'm in a high/manic phase I can't tell what's going on except I have got to be unstoppable and I'm the happiest there is. When it comes time to crash I can feel a shift and there is nothing I can do, but when it does happen I often want to kill myself. There are times when the emotions roller coaster so much o don't know up from down. I just think it's normal for me. I don't know what else to tell you. Phone Post 3.0