Mental prep for fights

I have fights coming up. These are not my first and I train all the time but ive been thinking slot lately on the mental prep and was wondering if anyone had any tips on clearing my head before the fight? Phone Post

practice meditation and relaxation techniques.

In particular try mindfullness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation? Phone Post

Meditation, visualization, and breathing techniques. Phone Post

Breathing correctly and shadowboxing...Stand up in the dressing room and just move around throwing quick shots, thinking only of strategy...shadowbox as if you're in a actual fight, then when it's time to head out, go impose your will. ;-) Phone Post

The boxers I interact with handle it one of two ways. One being visualization of the opponent, building up tension and hatred for him, and lashing out when you see the person in the ring. The state shift into fight mode is the opponents face.

The other is to keep it easy. Visualize tranquility, calm water, and not treat the opponent as one until you are in the ring and hear the bell. The bell for these guys is the state shift to fight.

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