Mentally Ill White Idiot Gets Surgery To Identify As Korean!

The doctor that did this should have his license revoked.


So brave

And now it begins…

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Stop being a bigot, he was born Korean you just don’t understand LGBTQ issues. Love is love.

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This is going to kill his chances at getting into Harvard


Isn’t that racist?

A decade ago we were joking about people being transracial now look!

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Racheal Doleac started it long ago, but yes it will become even more prevalent. Wait til we see adults who identify as kids going to high school and middle schools.

I cant wait to dunk on 5th graders and be hailed as a revolutionary hero and idol


The Brits ruled a good chunk of earth.

Now …

USA it was good to be here for the 70s to 90s.

Last American left please dim the lights and fold the flag.


This faggot payed $100k to look like Justin Bieber.

This creature spent $50k to look like barbie:

What the fuck people?

The moral of the story is that people have always been retarded.

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Right fucked in the head.

It’s a good thing. We need a good reductio ad absurdum case for all the trans stuff.

Shit just keeps getting better and better

North Korean or South Korean?

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