Menuscus recovery time?

About 2 months ago, I got my medial meniscus repaired. The Doc took out about 2/3rds of my medial meniscus.

For those of you that have been scoped, how long did it take you to get back to BJJ? When you came back, did you have problems with swelling? How long did it take before you felt you were 100%

I was hoping to get back this week but my knee is still stiff and swollen and the flexibility is about 80% of my opposite knee.

Took me one week and I was training again. The only handicap were the wounds when on my knee.

I had 3/4 of my medial meniscus removed in October. It took me about a month to start training BJJ again and another month before I felt 100%. A week after surgery I was riding the Airdyne, which really helped with the stiffness. Take it slow but you are going to have to start stretching and exercising to lose that stiffness.

This caught my attention!!!

I have my surgery march 5th, so any info to help a speedy recovery would be appreciated!

Thanks for the replies! After 2 weeks of PT, I thought I would back doing BJJ in the first month. That was a month ago. This week, my knee swelled up after doing some minor work outdoors and then it moved to my ankles.

I have continued to do the PT exercises, apply ice, and I have upped my cardio. I may need to kill the cardio for a week.

I went in for surgery and was told I'd be walking the next day. When I woke up, the quack told me I would be on crutches for 6 weeks.

I told him not to repair it, but he did anyway. I've already torn it again and need to have another surgery but I'm not doing it yet.

I was out of training for about 3 months when it happened and I was miserable for it.

I was told I'ld be back in 6 weeks, but it took a almost a year. They removed about 1/2 of it.

cdog...My advice is to start rehabbing your knee before surgery. I have had my knee scoped 3 times, and had an ACL surgery (College Football). I have no cartilage and no articular cartilage (thing layer at end of bones). The best thing you can do is to start strengthening your quad, hammy, and calf as much as tolerable before surgery. This way you limit the atrophy after surgery.

As for a timeline...I'd say about a month and a half for BJJ, depending on age/shape. Remember, when you go back to BJJ, your knee will be bent/pulled/stretched so you want that really healed.

While in college and in great shape, 6'3" 220, it took me about 3-4 weeks before I was cleared to play after having my knee scoped just to take some cartilage out. This is at a major university with a full time trainer dedicated to rehabbing my knee. I was a strong safety and once I got back on the field I was a step slower for about another month.

So you can get back after a few weeks, however you won't be 100%. Given that you aren't on a full scholarship for BJJ, I'd say give it time and don't rush back.

"When you came back, did you have problems with swelling? How long did it take before you felt you were 100%"

Was back on the mats in 4 weeks. there was swelling and tenderness. It took a year before I felt 100% again.

Had mine removed in August....was back on the mats in about 2 months, but still is a little stiff and tender when i putting pressure on it. I was told a year before i am back 100%

I had to get it done. The meniscus had rolled into my knee cavity and I couldn't straighten my leg.

Update: My physician had originally recommended that I wear a sleeve/brace during the day to provide heat to the knee to speed up the healing process. The sleeve was actually cutting off the blood from my knee to my foot and had cause my ankle to swell up like a balloon. This may be why I can't get the swelling out of my knee.

it fully depends on each person's leg conditioning, pain tolerance, healing rate, etc... ive known people to have simple scopes that became nightmares and other who were on the mat in a week or less.

Im not getting my meniscus removed, i'm getting it repaired (stitched).

I was just wondering what kind of PT had the best recovery time.

rehab will help with teh stiffness but the long terms wear is your major issue with less natural cushion you need to be more attentive of the wear and tear on your joint. swelling can be a major issue if not addressed with ice and the following

i took the following combo's as i was pretty extreme:)

5000 mg hydrolised collagen
1000 mg glucosamine
500 mg chrondritin
500mg msm

2-3X daily on a ongoing basis

after a loading phase of lots of msm + vitamin c " as much vit c as you can handle without stomach issues"

also since the meniscus get little to no blood flow i found accupuncture to be a goiod way to help overall circulation in the area..

hope that helps

oh and how can i forget FISH OIL.. nutrasea makes a great product

Im 48. Had 2 tears to medial and lateral meniscus. Recovery to really be able to roll again was about 6-7 weeks, but still have to be careful cause im a bit old now and recovery is not as fast, yet the injuries are more frequent. Currently i also have a tron rotator cuff to my right shoulder. but after hearing of the pain and recovery time i will take my chances. Bottom line is that yes I do tap more now but Im on the mat !!!!!!!!!!!

I had both knees done, and it took me about a monuth each knee. It's not so much the sugery that keept me out, but the swelling from the fluid to enlarge the knee. With all that fluid in the knee, I felt very unstable.

Meniscus repair takes much longer to heal and rehabilitate than meniscus removal.  This past August I had a menisus repair (laterall, right knee) and my recovery period was pretty damn long.  Following my surgeons advice I was on crutches for 5 weeks and didn't even start physiotherapy until 8 weeks.  another 8 weeks of physio and I was given the okay to start lifting weights again (still no impact -jumping, running- or twisting allowed).  All told it was 6 months before I was given the go ahead to return to all regular activities.

The knee still isn't 100%.  But it no longer locks up on me.  Honestly it feels better than before, only complaint is my flexibility has been reduced considerably (I'm hoping that can be restored but so far to no avail).  I'm now; running, jumping, twisting,lifting, rolling without any major issues.  I still haven't returned to MMA yet, only BJJ (and even that has only been for the past month)

Claude, I train @ TBJJ & will hopefully see you in MMA classes soon.  (You're instructing them correct?)

1 arm-

yes indeed i am teaching the classes there.. see you soon.


when my knee got crunched in a big way the surgeon told me I definitely needed surgery. My Doctor told me to wait 6 weeks and see how I felt. It improved gradually and now 6 months later I'm back to full strength.

If you can feel it improving then wait a few months before surgery IMO.